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Dora Larsen: London-Based Brand To Curve

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Dora Larsen, a London-based brand that has already achieved significant distribution in North America, plans to exhibit for the first time at Curve New York this February.

U.S. and Canadian retailers currently listed by the label include several Nordstrom and Maison Simons locations, as well as such shops as Journelle; Net-A-Porter in Manhattan; On The Inside in Ashville, NC; La Belle Fifi in Corte Madera, CA; Supernatural Lingerie in Birmingham, MI; Top Drawer in Houston; Trashy Diva in New Orleans; Trousseau of Dallas; and Secrets From Your Sister in Toronto.

“Unique color combinations with a strong focus on comfort and everyday fit,” are what the brand is about, according to Georgia Larsen, who owns the label with husband Jake Westmoreland. “We’re transparent, feminist, and striving to be more and more sustainable.”

The label launched in mid 2016 and is now sold in over 100 stores in 21 countries around the world according to the company.

For AW20 Dora Larsen is introducing a new “Stretch Lace” range. Offerings include “a non-pad underwire, triangle and a body,” according to a company release. “The range also shares the new lace to a strapless bra, new high waist knicker shape, low rise knicker, and as always, made in some exciting new color combinations. With a new range, comes new sizes. The stretch lace underwires will be available in a 30-38 back, and a B-F cup.” All knickers are available in XL.

There are also nightwear pieces, “including two sets of lace trim camisoles and shorts, complete with a matching slip. The nightwear will combine the trio-color look of Dora Larsen, with contrasting shades on the straps, the main chiffon fabric and the delicate eyelash lace.”

U.S. prices range from $68-$98 for bras; $33-$58 for knickers; $135 for bodies; $110 for camisoles; $100 for shorts; and $155 for slips. “All packaging is fully biodegradable, with all customer orders delivered in 100% recycled boxes.”

“We want to secure the top end premium department stores, and focus on gaining a few smaller stores with a feminist and modern branding,” Larsen said when asked about her goals for the North American exhibition. Retailers on this continent should take notice because, “We are truly unique. When customers see one of our designs they know immediately that it’s a Dora Larsen design. We also feel that we are focusing on product that the customer wants, but struggles to find in many brands. That is exciting designs, that also feel comfortable. We don’t just focus on design and forget comfort. Equally we don’t just focus on comfort and produce styles that look plain.”

Asked why the company name is Dora Larsen instead of Georgia Larsen the designer admitted, “I’m naturally quite a typically embarrassed British person, who couldn’t bear the thought of having a brand named after me! Dora was my first dog as a child :).”

Contact Larsen at and Westmoreland at — NM

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Published 01-14-2020 by Nick Monjo

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Dora Larsen: London-Based Brand To Curve

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