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Corin Adds Wireless Bra To Virginia Collection

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Corin, a leading Polish producer, has introduced a new wire-free version to its popular “Virginia” line of bras.

“It happens that this one model gives us everything: femininity and comfort!” declared Tatyana Ponomareva of Valens lingerie, Corin’s U.S. distributor, and the owner of the Pennsylvania specialty shop, Bra Spectrum.

“Balconette, push-up, soft, padded bra ... today the choice of underwear is huge, and we can decide when to display the neckline and when to go for maximum comfort. It is worth trying out each type of bra and choosing the right one depending on the situation and needs!”

“Every woman’s underwear drawer should have a bra without wires, commonly called a wireless bra,” Ponomareva continued. “Such a bra is ideal for women with high sensitivity to pressure. It is chosen by women because of their health, exceptional need for comfort or physical activity.”

“Corin’s Virginia style 21871 is what we recommend. First of all, it has a special construction and is made of specialized fabrics and knitted fabrics, which, despite the lack of stiffening, perfectly emphasize and keep the breasts in the right position. Thanks to this, the silhouette acquires perfect proportions. And because there are no wires, the bra achieves perfect fit with softness. Traditional traditional corset lingerie models can restrict movement and disturb. Thus, style 21871 is a well-fitting non-wired bra that works well both as sports underwear and every day.”

“Secondly, the soft cups in Corin’s Virginia 21871 are breathable and perfectly match the shape of the breast, and thus do not irritate the skin. They are the essence of comfort.”

“Third, the traditional underwire has been replaced by an imperceptible piping, very thin and delicate. It also has an aesthetic function — it masks and soothes the seam. Wide tapes around the perimeter spread the pressure evenly, without causing local abrasions or pressure. The lower part of the bra, made of soft corset tulle, is flexible and fully comfortable, allowing you to maintain shape and size. At the same time, the transparency is ultra-feminine and is the pride of this unique, classic-style bra.”

“Corin’s Virginia 21871 bra, without wire, combined with matching panties and other pieces of clothing, emphasizes femininity and provides comfort.”

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