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Obsessive Arrives At Its First U.S. Trade Show

Lingerie images from the Obsessive website.
Lingerie images from the Obsessive website.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Obsessive, a 14-year-old sexy Polish lingerie brand, is expanding across North America with an aggressive plan that includes three distribution arrangements and a first trade show appearance (organized by Valens Lingerie) at the upcoming New International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, March 16 through 18, 2020, at the Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas. BODY associate publisher Ted Vayos interviewed the company’s European regional sales director, Karol Macherzyński.

VAYOS: Can you provide a brief history of Obsessive?

MACHERZYNSKI: Of course! It is a love story actually about a couple – Agnieszka and Tomek. He was wondering what would be a perfect birthday present for her and he decided to buy a super sexy lingerie set. He was looking for a special one everywhere and for a long time, but it was impossible to find it at that time! He only found something very expensive or something in a low quality. He told Agnieszka about his idea to create their own lingerie brand and she said: ”OK, let’s do it!”

VAYOS: What countries is Obsessive selling? What has the history of expansion been for Obsessive in Europe and elsewhere in recent years?

MACHERZYNSKI: We sell our lingerie on all continents. Well, almost all. On the Arctic Circle people do not agree to sell Obsessive lingerie due to the climate crisis – too much of that kind of hot products is definitely not good for the glacier. During the past years Obsessive has been spreading the extent of sales and now our lingerie is available in over 60 countries around the world, mainly in Europe and Russia. We have been on the market for 14 years, so our brand is well known.

VAYOS: Where is Obsessive produced?

MACHERZYNSKI: Our lingerie is designed in Poland and we have our producers in China. When it comes to us from Asia, we have a triple checking process, so we can be sure that the quality is perfect. Then our lingerie is packed in a very individual and personal way for the customer – that’s what makes our products so special.

VAYOS: To date they have been focused on the sexy side. Are you planning a “classic” lingerie line in the future?

MACHERZYNSKI: We are not planning everyday lingerie, but who knows? Maybe. Only a few years ago, we didn’t plan cosmetics or swimwear and now we have them and a lot of customers have already fallen in love with them. However, we are professionals about the couples, about their needs and emotions. Warming up the fire in their relationship is our goal, so if we decide that everyday lingerie also has that kind of purpose, we may also want to have it in our offer.

VAYOS: With the addition of three distribution channels in North America, will all Obsessive products now be available here?

MACHERZYNSKI: Our distributors have a selected offer of Obsessive, which is best suited to the North American market. Who, after all, knows that market better than they do? We are very flexible and known for quick delivery, so when our distributors don’t have something in offer, but the market expects that – we are able to complete the offer quickly.

VAYOS: What is the special DNA of Obsessive?

MACHERZYNSKI: Focusing on couples – we think that this is what makes us special. We design lingerie for the couple to enjoy it together. Both of the partners have pleasure from that. We always check the quality to give women a comfort of wearing and a lot of self-confidence. When a man can see his loved one in super sexy lingerie and with a big smile on her face – he already knows that it will be a special time for them and they will never forget it!

VAYOS: What are your plans and expectations for the North American market?

MACHERZYNSKI: We already have the first minimal experience and we are sure that Obsessive will be loved by America because it combines the three best values: quality, attention to every detail and unforced sexuality. We are very versatile: our products show different levels of spiciness, as well as a wide sizing (in 2019 season autumn/winter we have introduced plus size styles). In addition to lingerie, we also have cosmetics with pheromones and a stunning new arrival: sexy swimwear.

VAYOS: Why do you believe Obsessive will be a success in North America?

MACHERZYNSKI: In our opinion, America’s women are waiting for something like this – lingerie that will make their nights special. We know that we have a lot of competition here, but we believe in our brand and we want to let Americans get to know it better. We sell not only lingerie, we sell self-confidence, pleasure, love experience and wonderful moments of togetherness, so… who can resist it?

VAYOS: Why should North America retailers be interested in Obsessive?

MACHERZYNSKI: Because it is something new, something in special style and in great quality. And like we have already said – we sell emotions, the best ones, and we believe that people need that nowadays. We are living in our phones and laptops, we often forget how important being close with someone we love is. Let’s be in love, let’s enjoy a little bit of craziness and add something spicy to our relationships because… why not?

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Published 02-27-2020 by Ted Vayos

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