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Interview: Obsessive Intros New Swim Line

(Filed Under Wholesale Swimwear News). Obsessive, the polish lingerie brand that is expanding its distribution across North America, recently introduced a swim collection. BODY associate publisher Ted Vayos interviewed Karol Macherzyński, the firm’s European sales director, about the line.

VAYOS: When did you launch the new collection?

MACHERZYNSKI: The swimwear collection was released in March 2020, and we’re very happy about that! We like challenges and we are non-stop in progress with our brand. We already launched cosmetics with pheromones, which was a huge success. A man fragrance – also success. So why not to try swimwear!

VAYOS: Where is Obsessive swimwear manufactured?

MACHERZYNSKI: Obsessive swimwear, as well as our lingerie, is manufactured in China. But the most important parts of the process, such as designing and the triple checking, takes place in our headquarters in a little town named Czaniec, in Poland. After it comes to us from our producer, we have to be sure that our products are perfect and, of course, of the highest quality. We are inspired by the most popular European designers and catwalks.

VAYOS: How has European design and quality influenced this collection?

MACHERZYNSKI: About the quality – it’s always the most important for us. That’s why our products are checked three times before we decide to pack it. We are known for great quality and the highest European standards, which is visible in our swimwear and lingerie collection. About the design, we were inspired by 90’s and 80’s style. High waisted panties or one-piece swimsuits, like it was on Baywatch. That’s what we wanted to achieve, and we think we did. The best quality at a very good price. Who doesn’t love that?

VAYOS: How is your swimwear unique to the other offerings in this segment?

MACHERZYNSKI: Especially unique designs, fantastic colors, from sharp neons to sensual pastels, so everyone can find something. The technological solutions we used, i.e. regulations, new types of underwires or bindings on the neck, back and waist, can guarantee quick and easy size selection. For every body shape we can offer something stunning. And we think that’s our advantage.

VAYOS: Who is the target customer?

MACHERZYNSKI: Our swimwear is created for brave, self-confident women who love fashion in this sexy but also funny way! For young girls and for independent, grown up women. So if you’re sixty years old and you like our products and wanna wear them – go ahead! If you’re twenty – do it, and the pleasure will be not all ours, but yours for sure!

VAYOS: What are your size ranges?

MACHERZYNSKI: In our swimwear collection we have a very wide size range – from S to even XXL! Depends on each product. We tried to help our customer with the best fitting. So, as we said, for every body type, every woman at every age – be our guest!

VAYOS: What different styles are available?

MACHERZYNSKI: 80’s and 90’s trends are rocking the best designer’s catwalks, and it’s also seen in our beach wear. Inspired by last decades’ trends, in Obsessive, we are choosing the unique, modern patterns, tempting shapes and stunning style in a legendary Baywatch spirit! Our clients can choose from a full range of tempting sets, from micro bikinis, through traditional styles, to this, with a sporty accent. You’ll be amazed by the rich offer of styles and colors. Bright neons, wild speckles and subdued beiges – with Obsessive, summer will be hotter in the sun and water!

VAYOS: What are your most popular styles?

MACHERZYNSKI: Our clients already loved our classic bikinis, but also these with a claw – micro bikinis, cutted, showing body designs or one-piece swimsuits. We are in love with each of the products, because everyone has something special to fall in love with it! It is hard to say which one is the most popular, but why not check the all out?

VAYOS: What about the role of color?

MACHERZYNSKI: Unique style in the company of stunning, juicy shades is a quintessence of femininity with a pinch of extravagance. Sexy two-pieces sets or 90’s styled one-piece swimwear in feisty neons – we adore it! We also have got something special for the nude lovers. Subtle golds, sensual nudes and beiges. Emphasized skin tones with delicate, sandy shades – now every woman can become a sexy desert queen!

VAYOS: Prints?

MACHERZYNSKI: We’ve got a lot to choose from! Wild speckles are definitely the hottest trend this year! We also have a stunning mermaid effect material, sparkling and shine and when you’ll see it on the sunlight… AMAZING! In our offer you can also find a reversible bikini, pink pastel in a company of wild accent, so 2 in 1!

VAYOS: Describe your packaging.

MACHERZYNSKI: Our swimwear is packed in beautiful boxes, in the colors of tempting blue water. It brings to mind vacation vibes. The box is one-piece, not the same as our lingerie boxes. A nice, charming pendant is hidden inside of it, so it is easy to expose it on a store shelf.

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Published 04-26-2020 by Ted Vayos

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