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Revzen: Importance Of Sustainable Packaging

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Dreamgirl has just converted all of its packaging to a sustainable format. BODY Publisher Nick Monjo interviewed president Barry Revzen.

MONJO: I understand you have switched all the Dreamgirl packaging to sustainable materials. Why is this important?

REVZEN: Sustainability is the way of the future. It is important that we take care of our environment and it is something we are very committed to. We have switched all our packaging materials to a sustainable material which will break down in the landfills. Currently the landfill are bursting with product that will never break down. Plastics and inorganic materials. But we are using packaging that will easily break down and not create further damage to our environment.

MONJO: Does your consumer care about this?

REVZEN: I believe that the consumer really does care. More so today than ever. The fact that all our packaging will break down in landfills means that we are definitely part of the solution.

MONJO: Describe your packaging.

REVZEN: Our bags, hangers snaps on costume bags, and anything packaging that might end up in a landfill has now been changed to a sustainable material. What sustainability means in packaging is that the bags, hangers, snaps and so on will easily breakdown in the landfills around the world. This means that we have a solution as to how we can begin to reduce the waste materials. We are also working on a program of rayon made from bamboo which can be found in both fabrics and in yarns. These garments will be fully sustainable in that they will breakdown in the landfills. We are working with several customers now who are looking into possibly making garments from bamboo. We are being very careful and will offer certificates of authenticity when dealing with rayon from bamboo to ensure that it is the real thing.

I have also been looking into recycled materials. These are yarns and cloth made from recycled garments as well as plastics from our oceans. It literally means garments and plastics are shred and reconstituted as new yarns or cloth from recycled fiber. As the process right now is quite difficult and time consuming, as you might imagine, this kind of cloth or yarn is quite expensive. You can get certificates from Greenpeace that you are using these kinds of friendly yarns so that consumers can understand where it has come from and will be aware of the process. Recycled cloth is not sustainable but it means that we have used recycled materials that help us to clean up our oceans and it also means that no new materials were part of that cloth. So it is reducing the amount of new materials going into the landfills. This is so important to our environment that it will become the way of the future.

MONJO: What is the cost of making the conversion to sustainable packaging?

REVZEN: As we have started with packaging, the costs are relatively similar to non-sustainable packaging so the retailers and consumers will not see any effect of our move to sustainability. As time goes on we will consistently look at new products whereby we can offer our retailers sustainable fabrics or yarns, as I have mentioned above.

MONJO: Are retailers asking for sustainable packaging?

REVZEN: Major retailers are always the first to ask. Once one retailer asked us for sustainable packaging, I moved all of our packaging material, for all of Dreamgirl, to the same materials. So I would be giving all our retailers the same products, whether big or small. I felt that this was the way to go and a way for us to help clean up the environment one step at a time.

MONJO: When did you launch this program?

REVZEN: We launched mid last year but it took about six months to move all our packaging material to a sustainable product. Now all our packaging materials will meet world standards.

MONJO: How have you worked with your retailers to get this information out to the consumers?

REVZEN: We tell as many retailers as possible but we have really not done a good job of getting the word out. I suspect that this article will help tremendously and give our retailer a little insight into what we are doing and what it means to everyone.

MONJO: I would imaging that younger consumers in particular would be greatly impacted by this information.

REVZEN: I think that all consumers young and old know and understand the value of sustainability. This is addressing on little part of a global disaster and we want to do all we can to help. Once people start to learn what it is we are doing I feel it is going to be very important to them.

MONJO: What else would you like to add on the subject?

REVZEN: The most important thing to make people aware of is that sustainable materials are just so important now. We are doing a great job of destroying our environment and now that so many of us are so into fixing the problems, that this becomes a major issue. Between packaging, and in the near future moving to either sustainable or recycled garments, we can make a difference. And what could be more important than that? I am happy to say that we are one of the leaders in this arena and I will be constantly looking and seeing how we can do more and more.

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Published 06-25-2020 by Nick Monjo

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