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Interacting In New Ways With Staff And Clients

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). (The effects of the pandemic have been widespread. An interesting article provide by Dreamgirl describes some of the new ways in which the company is interacting with staff, suppliers, customers and even its photographers and models).

For the entire country, the challenges of doing business during the pandemic continue. Stores are slowly opening, and in many areas of the country, the customers are returning with great enthusiasm. But at this moment we must all still be aware of acting responsibly with social distancing and the wearing of masks. Right now, life is not “back to normal.” But perhaps during these challenging times, we have discovered better ways of conducting business. At Dreamgirl, we have embraced these challenges in all areas of our day to day business. Perhaps this has become the “new normal.”

Team meetings in this new world of the remote workplace, have become more efficient and focused. Our use of Microsoft Teams, which enables us to talk, videoconference, screen share and chat by text with one another is a daily occurrence, and our new way to communicate with one another. We also have mini weekly meetings just to “catch up” (the new coffee break/small talk) which helps us all feel connected while we are sequestered either at home or in our separate offices.

As we all know, time does not wait for anyone…especially in the fashion industry, where we are developing product one year to 18 months out. The use of Zoom room has expanded within our development process with the designers working with the tech designers and the fit model remotely. And since we do not see ourselves flying to China, as we normally do in the peak of development season, Zoom has given us the capability to have real time discussions and fittings with our China partners. By putting us in front of our factories, not just with a constant flow of emails and/or phone calls, but face to face on a daily basis. This has actually solidified our relationships with our China partners and kept us on schedule for 2021.

The biggest concern however, was how do we meet with all of our customers to show them our lines, since we are not flying and most customers did not want to meet in person. Thank goodness for Zoom. Our design and PD teams created meetings with power points and live models which exceeded everyone’s expectations! But this created a slew of new things to think about. For example, it took a couple of dress rehearsals and finessing the web cam, just to get the lighting right so the garments looked true to color and gorgeous. In a regular meeting, we would have had a printed power point, but we would never have had live models to show the garments in real time. The buyers were thrilled! They were able to ask questions about the style while it was being modeled. They all appreciated the extra effort we took to make the experience informative, fun and fresh. Now that we have tried this and it works beautifully, we question ourselves: are there some meetings that in the past we traveled to, that could now continue to be done on Zoom?

We are even planning to have our photoshoot over Zoom! We want to keep the headcount down to a minimum, in order to alleviate anyone’s concerns and help with social distancing. Our design team will be directing the photoshoot via Zoom. The pandemic has certainly accelerated our use of technology and pushed us at warp speed into a new way of doing business.

We hope with our sharing, how we are approaching the many challenges of doing business during Covid-19, has sparked some ideas with our stores on new ways they can reach and excite their customers.

Will it ever be the same? We don’t know. Regardless, we at Dreamgirl will adapt and thrive in these challenging times!

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