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Nubra model. Nubra model.

Added: Jun 2017

Added: Jun 2017

Added: Jun 2017
Nubra model.

Added: Mar 2010
Nubra model.

Added: Mar 2010

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NuBra Recently Added NuORDER Portal

Screenshot of the NuBra portal.
Screenshot of the NuBra portal.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). NuBra has recently launched a new business to business portal that makes it easier for its customers and representatives to manage their interactions with the company.

“Our B2B portal is a NuORDER based system that enables our sales representatives and wholesale accounts to obtain the latest line sheets, look up product information and availabilities, create and manage their NuBra orders online using a personal computer or a smart device such as a tablet or a smart phone,” explained the company’s Daren Peng.

“This portal is only accessible by registered users. Typically, a new account/user will receive an invitation which contains a link and login credential once the account is created.”

“We utilize the functionalities and capabilities of this portal mainly to increase our order processing efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and eliminating possible errors when transferring data from paper/email/fax etc. to our ERP system. In addition, the integration with our ERP system also offers automatic email notifications to our customers as well as sales representatives when order status changes.”

According to Peng, “the mobile app version of this portal can also be used in offline mode provided that the latest data have been downloaded prior to going offline. All orders created in offline mode will be uploaded to the server once the mobile device gets online again. We continue to provide feedbacks and work with the solution providers to improve the existing system.”

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