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Corin’s Virginia 871 Now Offered In Pecan

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Corin’s best selling Virginia 871 collection is now available in a new color: Pecan.

The new shade is “very similar to the color of walnut, a subtle and light shade belonging to the brown family,” according to a spokesperson at Valens Lingerie, the U.S. distributor of the Polish brand.

“Original and elegant at the same time,” she continued, “it is a color for those women who not only like the classics, but also opt for a fashionable look. Pecan allows you to break with traditional beige. It already reigns on the streets of fashion capitals. It looks fresh and subtle. It looks great on all skin tones. It blends in perfectly with dark complexions, but also with lighter ones, without giving the impression that the body looks pale and unattractive.”

The soft fabrics in the Virginia 871 collection include “sweetly shimmering decorations in the form of bows or guipure appliqués at the point where the straps are joined and in briefs. Virginia 871 in the warm Pecan color will be perfect for any season.” Key elements in the group are comfort and convenience. The “ultra-light bra with cups made of breathable foam have become a favorite of a wide range of women around the world. Fans of the Virginia 17871 stroller appreciate its simplicity and advantages: softness, lightness, the fact that it allows the skin to breathe freely and that it eliminates moisture. This is probably the best stroller bra in the world.” In addition to Pecan, the style is offered in White, Beige and Black. Contact: or (610) 400-8460).

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