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Starline’s Empress Divine Blasphemous Babe from Starline Party King Sweet Mermaid Party King Under The Sea Mermaid Party King Blushing Beauty Mermaid
Starline’s Empress Divine

Added: Oct 2019
Blasphemous Babe from Starline

Added: Oct 2019
Party King Sweet Mermaid

Added: Oct 2019
Party King Under The Sea Mermaid

Added: Oct 2019
Party King Blushing Beauty Mermaid

Added: Oct 2019

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What’s New For Starline Costumes And Lingerie

(Filed Under wholesale Costume News). Starline’s new CEO Danielle Fitzgerald, along with the company’s Rob Fitzgerald, talked with BODY publisher Nick Monjo about new directions at the company.

MONJO: When did Danielle take over as CEO?

ROB: September, 2021.

MONJO: Danielle, what are some of the ideas, plans and new directions you have in mind for Starline?

DANIELLE: Over the last few years, Starline has really gotten its footing on who we are and what we bring to the table in both the lingerie and costume industries. In the realm of lingerie, we pride ourselves on producing interesting and unique styles that customers can’t find anywhere else. This year, we plan on continuing this by creating costume-inspired lingerie and bedroom costumes that you’ve never seen before! Within the costume world, we are focusing on providing high-quality costumes that come with a ton of accessories to create a complete look. Our designers are pushing their creativity to the limit to re-imagine classic costumes in a modern and sexy way. We try to always add fun accessories, such as a seashell purse that actually comes with our mermaid costume!

MONJO: What else would you like to say about the future of Starline?

ROB: We are really happy with where we are positioned. Customers love our designs and overall value proposition. We work very hard (and this year, very, very hard) to ensure timely deliveries so our customers have the full season to sell costumes. We will strive to be the top supplier in the sexy and higher quality market.

MONJO: I understand that you are adding a more comprehensive men’s costume collection for Halloween 2022. How many styles are you adding? Can you describe some of them?

ROB: Ten!

DANIELLE: We’re starting off by focusing on classic costumes but giving them a sexy or exciting twist. We have a kind of elevated devil costume that features a “handsome devil” suit jacket with great fiery detailing — worn either with or without a shirt underneath. And of course, we couldn’t forget the accessories, so it will come with matching devil horns, as well as a pitchfork! A big selling point of our men’s costumes is that they are super comprehensive, with fun accessories and eye-catching details.

MONJO: Why are you adding these men’s styles?

DANIELLE: Couples costumes have been a big ask for us in the past, so we are designing most of our men’s styles to complement an existing or new women’s style. For example, we have matching men’s and women’s costumes for lifeguards, cowboys and postal workers! They obviously aren’t the exact same costumes, but they have similar details, fabrics and accessories that will make these styles quite the pair!

MONJO: What are the price points for the men’s costumes?

DANIELLE: The wholesale prices range from $29.50 to $35. We are also offering all of these styles in plus size (XXL and XXXL), which will be $3 more.

ROB: So not only are we doing men’s we are doing plus men’s!!

MONJO: You have had some men’s pieces in the collection in the past; what is new with this collection? What is different?

DANIELLE: In the past, we have dabbled a bit with a men’s style here and there. What makes this year different is that we are fully committed to creating an entire line of men’s costumes to go along with our women’s styles. We have spent a lot of time and energy designing these new men’s costumes and have made sure they have the same attention to detail that makes our women’s styles successful!

MONJO: Any other Starline news to report?

ROB: There is really nothing super special to report at this time. Dealing with the production issues in China associated with Covid and the never improving shipping and airfreight saga is all of the excitement we can handle! We are seeing several large costume customers placing re-orders already this year when historically they do them in September and October. So, although no one should be surprised by supply chain delays this year, we think that you might see best-selling styles selling out before the retail sales season even kicks into gear!! We think that Halloween is going to be fantastic this year and wish all of our customers, competitors and other industry participants the best of luck for Halloween 2022!

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Published 04-21-2022 by Nick Monjo

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