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Customer Praise For The Versatile Joy Bra

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Positive reviews are key to the success of certain products and bras are a prime example. The Joy Bra family of wire free, seamless bras from Total Stockroom has collected wide praise from customers who write they provide a multitude of solutions and answer an array of complaints they have with traditional bras, making it the perfect addition for every store.

A recent Joy Bra article focused on the overall comfort the collection provides its wearers. Here we discuss several other benefits from actual customers: the superior fit; the support they provide; how they flatter women who have had breast augmentation; the relief they provide women post mastectomy or other surgery; the convenience they offer nursing moms; the value and the variety of colors.

Fit is a major selling point for Joy Bra. “WOW!!! What an amazing product, what an amazing fit,” began Carrie in Narol, Canada. “I wasn’t really holding out much hope for a good fit after years of having to settle for poor fit. I’ll never buy another crappy bra again! Your company has totally eliminated hours of shopping frustration. Count me in as a lifetime fan/customer!”

“I received my first shipment the other day. I am a 32B and I have a very hard time finding good-fitting, comfortable bras. I also have very sensitive skin that is easily irritated by many different kinds of fabrics. These are the softest, best-fitting bras I have ever had,” volunteered Marceline from Raleigh, North Carolina. “You said it would fit almost every body – I’m a 36G and it fits!,” concurred Mary in Houston, Texas.

Even without wires, the Joy Bra provides support. “I was skeptical at first but since then it has become my favorite, most used bra,” recounted Shakira, in Taylor, Michigan. “I don’t go anywhere without it and wear it almost everyday. I’ve had other bras but none of them support and cover like this one. I’ll never buy another bra again!”

With more and more women opting for breast enhancement, store owners are often confronted by customers asking for a recommendation. The Joy Bra provides an answer. “I’m madly in love with your bras since my breast augmentation,” reported Gianna in Santa Rosa, California. “I just purchased a few more (and already had a few). Can’t get enough!!” Jade from Oakhurst, New Jersey added, “When my doctor told me I could get a normal bra after my breast augmentation, I could not find a single bra as comfortable...After 6 months of discomfort, I finally found something that is extremely comfortable and so pretty. I just ordered four more bras and several of your camisoles.” Judith, in Polk City, Florida agreed. “I recommend almost every patient who’s had an augmentation to get several of these bras. I am a full figured female who loves (and fits into) your bras!”

Mastectomy patients provide recommendations as well. “After a recent mastectomy and reconstruction, I was told not to wear a bra with any underwire,” stated Marsha in Sherman Oaks, California. “This bra is the most perfect and wonderful bra to wear under any circumstances. In this particular situation, it is absolutely perfect!!! So thank you so much for a great bra!!!!” Susan in Winchester, Virginia concurred: “This is the best bra for a young breast cancer survivor!! I love them. It’s my favorite find of the year!” Noted Mary from Nevada, Iowa, “This bra is awesome and holds prosthetics in place. I remove the shapers and just slip them in before putting the bra on. I love the wide band and the wide sides as it hold all the extra skin that you have left after surgery. And they do not droop with the weight of the prosthetics!”

Another post surgical patient provided similar praise. “I have a significant surgical scar on my back from the removal of a lung. The bra is soft, supportive and does not exacerbate my back pain as have other bras. I spread the word freely at the physical therapy center where I continue to exercise regularly. Thank you!” wrote Beth in McCloud, California.

New mothers are yet another group of customers who have praise for the Joy Bra. “From one nursing mother to another, I think you will love this bra! I have been nursing for about four months already and prefer these over any other bra,” stated Mel in Mint Hill, North Carolina. “Just wanted to say that they are amazing and I am a huge fan,” agreed Meiko in San Diego, California. “Thank you for being awesome! You’re making nursing for me (and I’m sure many other moms) easier and more manageable! Hooray!”

While other seamless bras are offered in only a few shades, the wide array of fashion colors also sets the Joy Bra apart. “Love the colors!,” wrote Suzanne in Travers, Michigan. “Please tell me when you have more colors – I want every one,” enthused Cindy from Naples, Florida.

With many bras ranging in retail price from $20 to $24, the Joy Bra is recommended by many for the great value it provides. “The best bra for the money, hands down,” summarized Melissa from Miami, Florida. Joy Bra provides low order minimums and great customer service- give them a try today!

Contact:;; 888-789-1037.

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