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Valens Now Distributing Vanilla And Oh! Zuza

New styles from Oh! Zuza on the company website.
New styles from Oh! Zuza on the company website.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Valens Lingerie has taken on the distribution of the Polish brands Vanilla and Oh! Zuza Night & Day, which will be will be exhibiting at the upcoming Curve show in New York.

BODY featured the brands as they made initial trade show appearances about seven years ago. Vanilla, founded in Lodz in 2006 by Kasia Pastwa, now offers nightwear, sleepwear, underwear, gowns, pajamas as well as an apparel collection that includes dresses, shorts, tops and skirts. The Oh! Zuza and Zuzanna brands were added in the years following the launch.

According to the company, both the “Vanilla and Oh! Zuza are present in more than 20 countries worldwide,” and the firms is looking to the Curve show to help expand in North America.

Pastwa stated the concept behind the “business was simple: designing clothing that women really want to wear, with a firm focus on quality, luxury and comfort.” She added that “the company’s female spirit, the fashion philosophy of Vanilla and Oh!Zuza, flows from the concept of body positivity, understood as celebrating the female body in all of its beauty and variety, while helping women feel comfortable, natural and sensual. In a word – empowered.” Equally important is Pastwa’s “approach to design and production in the spirit of slow fashion,” which employs “sustainable materials and long-lasting designs and hires local employees to support the community.”

The company emphasized its “success would not have been possible if not for its almost all-female team of employees. From fabric cutters to production managers to fashion designers, they are a community of sisters who work hand in hand, support each other, and spend their free time together.” Contact:; (610) 400-8460, attention Thomas Dorsey.

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