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Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez Pajameez from Shapeez
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021
Pajameez from Shapeez

Added: Jul 2021

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Shapeez Sales Director Reports From Canada

The Shapeez Ultimate, front and back.
The Shapeez Ultimate, front and back.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). A key component of growth at Shapeez, the bra and shaping brand that was launched in 2005, has been the support network provided by its large base of retailers across the U.S. and Canada. For this interview, BODY publisher Nick Monjo spoke with the Shapeez Canadian sales director, Suzanne Buric, who was touring the West Coast of Canada visitation stores.

Shapeez bras and bralettes focus on a patented design invented by co-founder Staci Berner, that eliminates the look of bra bulges and back fat, while at the same time providing full bra support and slimming and shaping benefits for wearers. The company’s offerings now include not only the original Shapeez brand, but the new Comfeez collection of bralettes, a slip, Pajameez sleepwear and Nippeez and Stickeez nipple covers.

MONJO: You have been out there with this brand from the beginning, and seen what it can do for retailers. Why has the brand worked so well for stores?

SUZANNE BURIC: I have been working with the retail stores since the beginning, starting by introducing it to our Canadian retailers at trade shows. Initially, having an intimate apparel background, it was thought this product would be best in lingerie stores. The Shapeez brand was quickly discovered by some of the best clothing boutiques in Canada as they immediately seen the potential in helping to sell their clothing. One of the biggest issues women have when trying on clothes is that they are wearing the wrong bra, even sometimes no bra and the outfit they are trying on is just not fitting correctly. We are not as conscious of how our clothes are fitting from the back, but it is as important to have an overall good foundation for your clothing to fit properly. When your clothes fit properly you feel more confident. We have seen this transformation in every customer we have fit with this product!

MONJO: There are many bras out there. Why should retailers consider bringing Shapeez into their store. What are the top three or four reasons?

BURIC: Our patented smooth back design eliminates visible bra lines and back bulges and serves as the perfect foundation for all your clothing. Shapeez bras shape, support, slim and smooth from any angle leaving customers feeling confident in all types of clothing. The Shapeez product has integrated underwire cups (foam, minimizer/non-foam) that provide beautiful shaping. More than just a smooth back, our nylon-Lycra feels like a second skin. We’ve done away with back bands and back closures that can bind and pull, leaving visible back bulges. Our long styles banish muffin top and are designed not to roll up, which guarantees a comfortable all day, everyday fit for the customer! We are also very proud to be one of the only North American made bras left in the industry, from the cups through to finished product.

MONJO: You have been in stores all over North America. What stores make the best “Shapeez” stores?

BURIC: In our lingerie stores we are one of the only back smoothing wholesale products of this kind. They are professional bra fitters so customers trust their recommendations with the product.

Our clothing stores have been highly successful with the Shapeez product! We have a very easy fitting process on how to measure and fit. We provide extensive trainings, customer support and do instore events which have been very successful for us and our retailers. Our clothing stores are able to successfully show the transformation the Shapeez product provides by utilizing their clothing for before and afters. We are told by our retailers and I have seen it myself while doing events that nine times out of 10, if they try Shapeez they will purchase Shapeez and the clothing item!

MONJO: A related question: who is the Shapeez customer?

BURIC: The private owned boutiques seem to do well with it as they are giving the customer more one on one support however any of the chain stores will also do well. We are in the process of finding some good chain stores that will do well with the product!

MONJO: How should a store start with Shapeez? What products should they start with?

BURIC: I always recommend the Ultimate which is our original design and provides full back support. We do have ideal opening orders based on the customer and their needs. When I open up a customer I analyze their clothing lines, customer base and budget. An initial opening order will cost the new customer around $690.00 for 12 core sizes of one of our long styles plus they get a bonus bra for signing up with us. The minimum reorder is only four pieces, so they can carefully build the brand in their store. We most often have all sizes in stock available for when the customer orders.

MONJO: What else would you like to say to our retailer readers about Shapeez?

BURIC: Give it a try! For such a small initial investment you will provide your customer with an extra service most of them don’t take the time to do for themselves! When I do events most of the ladies haven’t been fit for a bra in years and some don’t even know their size. As my retailers often tell me once their customers has converted over to Shapeez they will come back and order our other styles or another color so it is an ongoing item that you know you can always get for them!

MONJO: Finally, you are right now on the West Coast of Canada, visiting stores. How’s it going? And how is Shapeez doing in Canada?

BURIC: This is the first time back on the West Coast since 2019 (pre-pandemic) and my customers were excited to have me back. Most of the events I do we are selling 30 to 40 bras sometimes more but most importantly bringing in new excitement and life to the product in their store. We had record sales this month in Canada so the product is creeping up and now surpassing some of our sales prior to 2019. I am excited to be back, hands on and helping the boutiques to market and sell the brand. Making this a partnership between stores and Shapeez!

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