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Corin’s Launches Gisele: “The Perfect Bra”

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). One of Corin’s newest bras for 2023 is Gisele, style number 307025, already starting to ship to North American stores.

“The brilliant design and superlative construction were the result of Corin’s designers and production team, backed by hospital research,” according to Tatyana Ponomareva, at the brand’s distributor, Valens Lingerie.

“Gisele’s seamless cups are made of special tulle, beautifully embroidered and embossed in the shape of the bust. They are soft but provide lift and collect and gently encompass the breast tissue. Between the cups, the gore includes an impressive decoration in the shape of a circle, in which there are two letters C, all in gold.”

“The Gisele bra has wires surrounding the bust, as well as side underwires, stabilizing the circumference of the bra,” Ponomareva continued. “The adjustable, non-detachable straps include a decorative ribbon. Hooks provide three-stage circumference adjustment.”

The Gisele collection includes “three panty offerings: briefs with a classic cut, style 02725; high-waisted panties, 03725; or thong, 41725.” Composition: 56% polyester, 37% polyamide, 4% elastane; 3% polyurethane.

“The key advantages of the new Gisele bra: soft, seamless cups; light weight; gathering, lifting support; and a sensual yet conservative presentation,” she summarized. “Corin has realized its ambition to create the perfect bra. One that is aesthetically pleasing for its clients, but also comfortable and healthy. The concept for Gisele originated with Corin designers working with researchers and engineers from the Technical University of Lodz. Professor Marek Zadrozny, head of Oncological Surgery and Breast Diseases Clinic in the Polish Mother Memorial Hospital Research Institute, oversaw the project.” Contact:; (610) 400-8460, attention Thomas Dorsey.

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