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Voglia Swimwear’s ‘Oh, Honey’ Collection

(Filed Under Wholesale Swimwear News). In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are paramount to many fashionable consumers, Voglia Swimwear has taken a bold and heartfelt step with its latest collection, “Oh, Honey,” that honors both bees that local beekeepers.

“Oh, Honey” reflects founder Ashley-Victoria Smith’s “commitment to taking care of Mama Earth. And the exclusive hand painted prints honor our delicate and fragile honeybees,” she explained. The suits come in eight reversible and versatile styles, with retail pricing from $150.

“The latest collection is not just about chic swimwear but also a celebration of the vital role played by honeybees in our ecosystem,” she continued. “With a commitment to honoring these pollinators and supporting local beekeepers, Voglia Swimwear has crafted a collection that resonates with both fashion-forward individuals and eco-conscious advocates.”

“Oh, Honey” draws its inspiration from the world of honeybees. “The color palette mirrors the rich tones of honey, featuring warm yellows, amber hues, and soft browns, all of which evoke the sweetness of this natural nectar. The swimwear designs incorporate intricate patterns resembling honeycomb structures and delicate floral motifs, celebrating the beauty and sophistication of these remarkable insects.” Each piece is meticulously crafted using sustainable materials such as recycled fabrics and eco-friendly dyes. “By incorporating recycled materials, the brand reduces its reliance on virgin resources and contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in our oceans. Furthermore, the brand continues its dedication to responsible manufacturing practices, ensuring that every item in the collection is ethically produced, reflecting Voglia Swimwear’s commitment to fair labor standards and transparency.”

Voglia Swimwear has also partnered with local beekeepers, recognizing the critical role they play in maintaining bee populations and sustaining our environment. The brand donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale in the “Oh, Honey” collection to helping beekeepers maintain their hives, conduct research, and promote bee-friendly practices. “By supporting local beekeepers, Voglia Swimwear also contributes to the well-being of our ecosystems. Bees are essential pollinators responsible for the reproduction of many of the fruits, vegetables, and flowers that make up a significant part of our diet and natural landscapes.”

Voglia Swimwear is using the “Oh, Honey” collection as a platform for education. “The brand aims to raise awareness about the plight of honeybees and the importance of their conservation. By including informative materials with each purchase, we empower customers to take action and make environmentally responsible choices.”

“So, when you slip into a piece from the “Oh, Honey” collection, you’re not just making a fashion statement; you’re making a statement about your commitment to a sustainable and bee-friendly future. Join Voglia Swimwear in celebrating the sweetness of honeybees and ensuring that their vital work continues to thrive for generations to come.” Contact:

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