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Knix Launches New Leakproof Swimwear

(Filed Under Wholesale Swimwear News). Knix has launched a new leakproof swim collection it claims is “set to revolutionize the swimwear experience.”

On the company website, one piece designs range from $90 to $105, leakproof bottoms are $50 and $55, and matching tops are $55 and $65.

The company explains the suits are designed to address “the impact of periods on swimming activities. In a recent Knix consumer survey, 51% of teens stated that they miss out on swimming because of their menstrual cycle, leading to body anxiety and a lack of confidence.” The company stated that its patented technology “ensures maximum protection, absorbing about 1.5 - 3.4 teaspoons of liquid which is the equivalent of about 1 - 3 regular tampons, providing standalone protection on lighter period days or backup protection on heavier days.”

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