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Boob-eez Expands Repertoire

(Filed Under wholesale Accessories News). Florida-based Boob-eez, a company specializing in nipple-concealing products for women of all ages, has expanded its repertoire to include seamless bralettes and layering tanks that offer extra coverage under sheer and strappy clothing. In addition, this fall, the company will begin offering its signature concealer in a larger size to accommodate a variety of women.

Boob-eez launched in January 2007 with a 6 centimeter silicone nipple concealer to be worn under workout gear, swimwear, dancewear and regular ready-to-wear. The product idea originated from at the time nine-year-old Carlie Christenson (now 12), who found herself covering her chest with her arms to conceal the "headlights" that showed beneath the fitted, fashionable shirts she loved to wear. Although Christenson is very much involved with the design process, and has already come up with new packaging ideas to appeal to women of all different ages, the company is operated by her mother Emilie Christenson.

Currently, Boob-eez is in the process of developing a seamless tube bra, a tube top with a built-in shelf bra, and a new product called "Big" Boob-eez, said Emilie. "'Big' Boob-eez will be a larger, 8 centimeter diameter, nipple cover for those gals who want a bit more coverage for those pesky headlights and/or who have larger areolas," she said. "These products will launch next month and we are very excited about the preliminary response to date." Boob-eez nipple concealers are 100 percent silicone, backed with washable adhesive for multiple uses and easy care.

Wholesaling for $9, "Big" Boob-eez will hit stores beginning September, as will the tube bra ($6 wholesale), and the tube top with shelf bra ($9 wholesale). With the new product additions, Boob-eez offers six products in total. In the future, Christenson says she will create Boob-eez in different colors for women with darker and/or lighter skin.

To launch the new products, Christenson attended the ENK shows, and although she did not set up a booth at CurveNY — "I wanted to check out the show first," she said — some of the company's reps were in attendance.

Elizabeth Benton, store owner of California-based I C London, has carried Boob-eez since the company launched. She says it does very well in the store and those that buy them tend to come back for more six to eight months later. "We haven't had any negative feedback and it helps us sell garments," she said. "[Customers] put on a tight-fitting tank top and they go 'Oh, I need a little concealment' — it's been very good. My understanding is [customers have] tried other products and tell us they like this one better."

I C London's clientele is comprised of mainly 40 to 50-year-olds, but Benton does sell Boob-eez to the 20-somethings ranging up to the 50-somethings. "It's a great product and they're always a pleasure to deal with," said Benton. When asked if she would be adding the brand's new styles she said: "My business has been so flat, I'm reluctant to introduce something new, but I was tempted. They do a very nice job." The product retails for $15 in the store and she reorders approximately every four to six months.

For further information, contact Emilie Christenson at or at (904) 534-2881.

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Published 08-10-2009 by Bruna Fernandes

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