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Activewear look from VATA Brasil.
Activewear look from VATA Brasil.

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VATA Brasil To Open LG Week

Vata Brasil Styles.
Vata Brasil Styles.

(Filed Under wholesale Activewear News). VATA Brasil, a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of activewear under the VATA Brasil label, will kick off the 21st edition of LG Fashion Week in Toronto, which will take place from October 19th through 24th. LG Fashion Week is sponsored by LG Canada in partnership with L’Oreal Paris. VATA Brasil reported that in addition to being the first brand featured during the week, the company is the first activewear brand to ever be featured at the event. The company will show its Spring 2010 line.

The LG Fashion Week jury—which included Robin Kay, president of the Fashion Design Council of Canada, and Joseph Mimram, chair of the Council—expressed a positive response to the brand. “VATA Brasil has great colors and color combinations, [and] great design, and we are looking forward to a show full of energy and excitement,” the jury noted.

“Our label embodies athleticism, motion and a touch of sex appeal. That’s why we’re a perfect fit for today’s lifestyle, today’s woman,” said Ananda Gomes, vice president of design and product development for VATA Brasil. “This is a bold step for VATA Brasil and for the Toronto Fashion Week organizers. We’re hoping to lend some hot exotic Brazilian flair to the runway, the week and retailers around the world.”

Daniel G. Langevin, chief operating officer for VATA Brasil, also expressed excitement over being chosen to showcase the line at the fashion week. “It is equivalent to being invited to show a movie at Cannes Film Festival,” he said. “I think that this also gives a good example of where fashion is headed. While women’s activewear used to be designed based on men’s styles and simply adapted to fit a woman’s body, it is now being designed by women for women, and is making it onto runways. It is becoming more fashionable, eclectic and mainstream, and the fashion world is beginning to understand that activewear is making it onto the streets.”

Langevin described the brand as performance-driven urban fashions that can be worn in and outside of the gym. Styles include sports bras; sport tops; shorts; capris; pants; skorts; and dresses running in one-size-fits-most, which fits women’s sizes 0 through 12. The line wholesales for $15 to $48, and retails for $39.95 to $120. It includes over 100 styles in a minimum of 12 colors at a time, which, in addition to black and white, include shades of red, orange and blue.

Langevin described the typical VATA Brasil customer as a woman-on-the-go aged 17 and up. “It’s hard to specify a target age for the brand these days because it is becoming more a lifestyle demographic than an age demographic,” he explained. “Our customer is a woman who sees fitness as part of her life. These days, you walk into the gym and see 17-year-olds up to 80-year-olds.”

In addition to the VATA Brasil label, the company also produces yoga-specific apparel under the LP Studio label. It runs in similar sizing and pricing to the VATA Brasil line. The brand can be found at specialty stores throughout Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean as well as Islander Sports in Lone Tree, Colo., and Club Med boutiques in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Ananda and Mario Gomes, both originally from Brasil, established VATA Brasil in Vancouver, Can. in 2006.

In other news, Miami-based Houston Projects recently became the exclusive distributor of Vata Brasil in the United States and Caribbean.

For further information, e-mail Sean Houston with Houston Projects:

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Published 09-01-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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