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mamadoc Introduces Medically Designed Products for Moms-to-Be

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(SOURCE:mamadoc , 11-30-2011)

CINCINNATI, Nov. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A new line of practical pregnancy products designed with mom in mind is being introduced through . After years of listening to her patients and having three children of her own, Ob/Gyn Dr. Somi Javaid took a holistic and practical approach to traditional medicine in order to create products that make pregnancy more comfortable.

"Everyone talks about the miracle of life when it comes to pregnancy, but every new mom knows there are also a number of unpleasant side effects," said Dr. Javaid.  "Women search for anything that will provide relief during these times including home-made remedies that can be less than effective in the long-term.  Products by are not designed to be sexy – they’re designed to make mom as comfortable as possible during pregnancy and in the months following delivery – and they work."

The Products:

OB3 (Original Bamboo Belly Belt) - A back brace specifically designed to ease back, hip and leg pain.  The brace can relieve discomfort and strain caused by weight gain, change in the center of gravity, and the increased curvature of the lower spine due to a growing uterus.  The OB3 also relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve, eases pressure on the bladder, and reduces leg pain.

preghose – Compression hose that apply the gentle pressure necessary to keep swelling down and mom on her feet.  Extra fluid and dilation of the veins can cause swelling and pain.  The preghose help to reduce swelling, prevent leg and foot pain and are made with a breathable bamboo fabric that prevents overheating.

nox – A breastfeeding and weaning bra designed to get women through the uncomfortable process of lactation suppression.  Medicines that were routinely prescribed are no longer FDA approved, leaving women to discover their own solutions.  The nox is the only compression bra that provides full coverage compression, covering the entire milk production area.  It also features pockets and comes with specially designed ice packs for additional relief.

All mamadoc products are made with bamboo.  The all natural, eco-friendly material is hypoallergenic and reduces potential skin irritation.  Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring anti-microbial agent that keeps mom odor free by preventing bacteria cultivation.  Bamboo is extremely breathable and four times more absorbent than cotton. For more information about the products and mamadoc visit

About mamadoc:

Created through a passion to nurture and the application of traditional medicine, mamadoc helps women everywhere by developing practical pregnancy products.  Women, their babies, and taking care of the environment are what mamadoc is all about. Founded by Dr. Somi Javaid and business partner Kim Howell, mamadoc provides support and relief during some of the most uncomfortable times of pregnancy and nursing.  In addition to helping mothers, mamadoc provides additional support to women across the world by donating a portion of their proceeds to the International Medical Corps (IMC). IMC provides women with Caesarean section kits, midwife kits, toiletries, and access to better trained doctors and midwives, all of which allow women to have safer deliveries and prevent unnecessary maternal and fetal death.

SOURCE mamadoc

I want to receive more info from mamadoc Click Here for Product Photos and Details

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