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Maryland-based Bra-La-La celebrated its first anniversary in February. With a little more than a year under its belt, the lingerie boutique has done quite a job fitting itself into the industry.

Owned and operated by Mary Jordan, a former cancer researcher at Georgetown University, Bra-La-La has taken a stand on the importance of well fitting undergarments and all-natural options.

Jordan's background in personal health may be the main reason why she cares so much about the size of your bra. She now gives presentations to women's group homes and church groups about its importance. "The wrong size bra can effect your overall health by strangling your circulatory system and impeding the lymphatic system, which can in turn affect the immune system," she said. And Jordan won't have any part in promoting poor bra-fitting behavior among her customers. "Our whole mantra is to help people find the perfect fit, a healthier fit. I would rather not sell them a bra if it isn't fitting properly," she said.

Customers won't have to worry about Jordan refusing their business, since the store carries a wide selection of intimate apparel sizes and brands-Aubade, Le Mystere, Lejaby, Anita, Fantasie, Prima Donna and Huit, to name a few. She has also stocked her shelves with sizes ranging from 28AA to 50K.

Jordan enforces her fit policy by showcasing bras on a special bra wall in her store. "People can't even shop for bras with out assistance," she said. "We are 100 percent service oriented."

A healthy intimate apparel attitude can be reached not only by wearing the appropriate sized bra, but also by wearing one made from natural materials and fibers. Jordan has found customers complaining of allergies to latex, lace and nylon material found in many styles. She carries Grenier products that are made from natural and un-dyed fibers and soy loungewear from Colorado Trading Company, but questions the claims from other lines boasting organic and natural apparel. "Companies are selling perfectly organic underwear, but they still used harsh chemicals to create the fabrics," she said. Jordan is currently doing research with domestic cotton companies to find a truly natural process. "It is my personal quest to develop a bra line of completely organic fibers."

It may sound like Jordan has crammed a lot into one year, but the new storeowner still has a lot to accomplish in this industry. "I'm on a journey," she said.

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