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In 2003, Dave and Julie Dion, decided to move their Go-Go and dancewear boutique from North Hollywood, California to the dance capital of the country: Las Vegas. Upon opening their new, 2400-square-foot location, Julie and Dave attest that they became an "overnight success, continuing to wow our clients" with their tantalizing selection of showgirl outfits, accessories, lingerie, exotic shoes, and themed sexy costumes from vendors including Body Zone, Leg Avenue, and Hotgirl. The duo also stocks the store with designs by Dave himself, who is known locally as "Mr. Vavoom." The boutique employs between two and three associates at a time, with Dave and Julie responsible for all of the buying.

"Julie and I make it a point to look toward the future when making garment purchases, knowing full well that trendy styles change like the wind," Dave said. "We try to see and create the next 'thing' of girly fashion that will be worn in Vegas and then shared with the world."

Just like an exclusive club, Vavoom has strict policies when it comes to who is let inside. Men are only allowed in if accompanied by a lady, and they do not carry any menswear. Their primary clientele are cocktail servers and exotic dancers ages 18-50 and making at least 60,000 a year, from sizes 0-10. The typical customer spends an average of $75 per visit, and their current best-selling brand is Body Zone. Booty shorts running from $15-$20 are their current best-selling items.

Dave describes the inspiration of the store as 'A theater production with a sense of originality and style." Indeed, he came up with the inspiration for the original North Hollywood store, which opened in 1998, while producing a play. The interior is chock-full of leopard couches and plush carpeting. The dressing rooms make for "an experience" as well, with their neon pink fur-covered heart-shaped doors, and walls covered with photos of clients, as well as the rich and famous. They also recently added an "outrageous" shoe lounge, which is surrounded by 12-foot walls decorated with neon pink shag fur.

"One thing people, especially girls and ladies, respond to is color," Dave said. "Ladies come into my store and they are usually bombarded by color and selection. They don't really know what they want to buy but they know they are going to buy something!"

The Dion duo also strives to be exceedingly friendly to all, regardless of whether or not they purchase anything. Shoppers are greeted with a rousing "hello!" when they enter the store and a cheery "goodbye!" when they leave. Not to mention the constant presence of the store's white cat, Lulu.

Vavoom is a store specializing in sexy apparel for "go-go dancers, showgirls, cocktailers, and any other girl who wants to be cute, sexy and have fun!"

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