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Classic Shapewear

Classic Shapewear  - Front
(866) 440-4541


Executives: Moshe Amos & Oren Shapiro
Corporation name: Shapers Limited Inc.
Year founded: 2009

Q&A with Oren Shapiro, president.

Amanda Torres Price, BODY: Describe your business.

O.S.: Our website caters to women of all sizes and shapes. We carry the largest selection of shapewear on the Internet including old favorites and newer brands. Among the leading brands we carry are: Spanx, Belly Bandit, Body Wrap, Dr. Rey Shapewear, Leonisa, Flakisima, Lytess, Sassybax, Solidea, Squeem, Va Bien, Vedette and Yummie Tummie. Our store categories include bodysuits, waist cinchers, post-surgical shapers, bridal shapewear, maternity shapewear, anti-cellulite, briefs, leggings, camis, bras, shorts and panties.

A.T.P.: What makes your website special?

O.R.: A) We carry the largest selection of shapewear and shapewear-related products online; over 32 leading brands. B) We only carry quality undergarments. We know how things should be made: the materials, the design and the importance of seamless garments. Classic Shapewear has handpicked the companies it partners with. C) We offer free shipping all year long with no minimum order required. D) We often offer free gifts to chose from with a minimum order amount. E) Our customers acknowledge and recognize our excellence in customer service.

A.T.P.: What brands are important to your store?

O.R.: Hanky Panky; Spanx; Belly Bandit; Body Wrap; Dr. Rey Shapewear; Leonisa, Flakisima; Lytess; Sassybax; Solidea; Squeem; Va Bien; Vedette; and Yummie Tummie.Soon to come [are] Diesel, DKNY and Unico.

A.T.P.: What is your price range?

O.R.: The average order amount on our website is $85, however we have all types of shapewear solutions ranging from $7.99 to $168. Our size range is 2XS to 6XL.

A.T.P.: Who is your customer base made up of?

O.R.: Most of our customers are females of ages 18 to 68. We offer body shaping solutions for daily use, postpartum, gym (activewear), back support, weight loss acceleration and anti-cellulite purposes. We also cater to men and women who underwent plastic surgeries, liposuction and tummy tucks. Additional we carry lines intended for soon-to-become brides and for pregnant women.

A.T.P.: What is your typical customer size?

O.R.: M, L.

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