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The Uplifting Makeover

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Q&A with JoAnn Pasell, president & key buyer

Number of locations: 5
Locations: Bradford, R.I.; Salem, Conn.; Preston, Conn.; North Attleboro, Mass.; Lewes, Del.
Year opened: 2008

Ted Vayos, BODY: Describe your business.

JoAnn: The Uplifting Makeover is a mobile professional bra fitting service who puts every woman in the perfect size bra. You can find our services at girl’s night out home parties, spas, gyms and select high-end retail stores in various states. We have trained Bra Stylists who know how to fit you in the right bra to match both your style and body type. Our process is simple to start with the measuring basics of fitting a bra from the band up. The band provides most of the support, not the straps, so it is important to get the band size right. The bra industry provides band ranges of size 28 through 50, although most department stores only stock a limited selection of band sizes. The next part of the bra which is important to get an accurate measurement is the cup. Once you have an accurate band measurement it will determine the size of the cup to house the breast tissue. The band and cup work together to provide a perfect fit which is both supportive and stylish. The other key component of our bra fitting is matching body type with style of bra. Just like selecting a pair of jeans to your body, matching a bra style with your shape is as important as the measurement itself. That is why when the measuring portion is complete, the style portion of the fitting is where the fun of bra shopping begins and the perfect fit is found. Having the correct foundations is the cornerstone of your wardrobe. That is why The Uplifting Makeover also offers a selection of shape wear that additionally addresses the foundation problem areas that can make or break the look of a women’s wardrobe.

Ted: What makes your business special?

JoAnn: The Uplifting Makeover’s premise is simple get your size and then match your body type to the style of bra. Unlike department stores that pigeon hole you into the limited size range of 34 to 40 in band and A to DD in cup sizes, we measure you for your true size and match your style. No one-size-fits-all bra shopping with us — you get your own Bra Stylist who will give you a perfect fit for a bra for every occasion: everyday, strapless, sports and sexy. You never have to wonder if you are in the correct size and style again!

Ted: What brands are important to your business?

JoAnn: We offer a selection of bras from the industry’s leading bra manufacturers: Panache, Le Mystere, Lunaire, Affinitas, Elila and Bendon Sports. We also are proud to offer the Yummie Tummie line of shapewear. We also offer Co’Coon’s biocrystal shapewear bottoms that helps you to lose a pant size if you wear them everyday for 30 days.

Ted: Do salespeople make a difference?

JoAnn: We are a direct selling company, so our Bra Stylists are interested in helping women look and feel their best. A Bra Stylist has the unique opportunity to build her own Uplifting Makeover business — she purchases her starter kit and begins training as a Bra Stylist to learn how to measure and then how to match the body type to the individual style. A women who is interested in a position with The Uplifting Makeover likes to work with women, has an entrepreneurial spirit and likes to build friendships while gaining financial freedom.

Ted: Describe popular trends and products.

JoAnn: The women we service love our products and services. Three of our most popular items are the Everyday Bra by Lunaire, the Panache T-shirt bra and the Co’Coon biocrystal shapewear pants. The Lunaire Everyday Bra is for women who are used to wearing a popular department store bra. It is a smooth lace bra that comes in underwire or non-underwire and comes in white, nude or black. The Panache T-shirt bra is a lightly padded bra for women with cup sizes D to G. It comes in white, nude, black and a fashion color. The bra is an underwire with a molded cup. The biocrystal pants are extremely popular with our customers because it helps smooth out those problem areas in your wardrobe, while wearing it for eight hours a day for 30 days you will lose up to one pant size due to the biocrystals that are embedded in the fabric. These crystals heat with your body and penetrate the cellulite, turning it to waste. Beyond the inches lost, it also helps to alleviate various veins and leg pain.

Ted: Describe your price points and size ranges.

JoAnn: Our bra price range is from $45 to $78 with sizes from 28 to 50 and cup sizes from A to M. Our Yummie Tummie shapewear range is from $30 to $80 with sizes from small through extra-large. You get a three-pack of Co’Coon’s biocrystal pants — two nudes and one black — for $75.

Ted: What is the average size you fit?

JoAnn: We fit every woman regardless of their size. We can take the smallest woman or the largest and we have a bra to match their size and body type.

Ted: What does your average customer spend per visit to your store?

JoAnn: Our average customer spends about $80 to $150 per visit depending on what their needs are at the time of their visit.

Ted: Describe your customer base.

JoAnn: Our customer base is women between the ages of 25 and 100. The younger women are welcome to use The Uplifting Makeover; however, they are not looking for the finer quality and fit that come from our services.

Ted: Is there any other information you would like to share?

JoAnn: We are currently offering our services in mostly the New England area; however, we are looking to offer our services throughout the United States and are contacted daily by individuals across the country looking for a Bra Stylist in their area. Please visit our website at or become a friend of The Uplifting Makeover on our Facebook page.

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