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Just One LA

Just One LA - Front


Made of recycled wood of an old railroad station and a refurbished rustic metal wall, Just One LA is a men's underwear and swimwear boutique with an industrial concept that appeals to both young and old men alike. Four years ago owner Nir Zilberman had a vision to specialize in a men's clothing store that housed the hottest and newest trends in men's fashion. But as time went on, Zilberman discontinued the fashion pieces and transformed the 2,400 square foot fashion shop into a store filled with 2(x)ist, Aussiebum, Ginch Gonch, Greg Homme, Artificial Flavor and much more.

"I pulled the fashion stuff out and decided to become the only LA store that specializes in men' underwear and athletic wear," said Zilberman. "That's where the money is."

When Zilberman designed Just One LA, he had many things in mind, but one thing that took precedence was the need to show his American pride. Upon entering the store, shoppers notice the huge 2,000 sq foot American flag painted on the floor.

"Everyone always complains about the money and the bad things going on in the country, but we live in an amazing country," said Zilberman. "America is beautiful and I wanted the love for the country to be present throughout my store."

Zilberman proclaims his boutique as a one stop shop, because nestled above the shop is a fashion lounge and salon that has become a favorite getaway for trendy guys and their gals in Los Angeles. Offering services that include scalp head and shoulder massages, shampoo, conditioning, color treatments, makeup application and waxing, the salon is the perfect place for hair-salon services.

But Just One LA is more than a place that will get you sleek hair and awesome unmentionables, the Los Angeles boutique is also known for partnering with non-profit organizations that give back to the community. Every month Just One LA holds parties at the boutique where a vendor is selected to promote their product line and help host the event. On average anywhere from 250 to 400 people are in attendance as they help raise money for various causes. Most recently, Just One partnered with Being Alive, an organization operated for and by people living with HIV/AIDS.
As persons from varying backgrounds and orientations shop at Just One, they are offered an array of colorful undergarments made of the best quality.

"I have the largest selection of men's undergarments. And I only offer the best quality for my customers—they deserve it," said Zilberman.

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