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Q&A with Gina Mastrangelo, president

Ted Vayos, BODY: Describe describe your store?

Gina Mastrangelo: Gie Gie Lingerie is located in Paoli, PA.  It is in a beautiful area of Chester County.  (An affluent suburb of Philadelphia.) We are nestled in a small, private shopping area…about 2 blocks off the main thoroughfare…offering easy access yet, discretion for our clients. 
We are a 1500 square foot store with large windows and deep, rich hues igniting our walls.  Our fitting rooms are spacious and well appointed with ample room for at least two clients and a fitter. Brilliant crystal chandeliers illuminate the dressing rooms and are placed throughout the whole store.
It is warm, welcoming, lush and unhurried.
Our merchandise is presented in a discerning manner, with emphasis on tactile experience and visual encounters. The scent of sweet lavender fills the air reminding us to take a deep breath and de-stress our lives, at least for the time spent here. Fresh flowers are placed throughout the store, brightening even the dreariest of winter days.
Gie Gie is a refuge for our girls recovering from surgeries and a place of oohs and ahhs for our girls with “special events dresses”, needing just the right amount of lift and slimming.  We are a haven for young girls with budding boobies and an unending flow of embarrassment.  We are a place for our brides looking for the perfect bra, sexy lingerie and the final touches for their big day. At Gie Gie, we know how important it is to cheer on new Mommies, in need of nursing bras and encouragement.
We support all women, in every phase of their lives, encouraging them to feel feminine and confident. We believe all women should experience a custom fitting, in an environment where her feelings and consciousness are as important as the garments she wears.
Gie Gie is a place of magic for those of us lucky enough to work here, and we are known for our unconventional, yet compassionate nature. Gie Gie turns ordinary into extraordinary.

Ted: What do you look for in a brand?

Gina: Wacoal, Anita, Eveden, Chantelle and Hanky Panky are our top selling brands. We are all about quality products that won’t break the bank. We believe every woman should have a superior fitting bra that she can afford.
Our vendors and reps are amazing. They know their products and know us so well that their suggestions for the store are usually spot on! It is so important to have a true “relationship” with our reps.

Ted: Describe the popular styles or trends in your store.

Gina: Fashion forward colors are the hot trend this summer. Hanky Panky has revamped its classic camisoles and chemises so that they can cross over to outerwear, as layering pieces. Jonquil has amazing, classic peignoir sets that take a young bride back to the time of glamour and romantic Hollywood. Classic is back and hotter than ever.

Ted: Describe your price points and size ranges.

Gina: Our bras average $50- 80, panties from $15-35, lingerie from $40-$150. Our jammies average $90 and our robes average $80. Again, we strive to provide beautiful, quality products that are affordable.

Ted: What is your typical or average customer size?

Gina: There is nothing average about our Gie Gie customer! We have girls from 28 J to 50 A. There is no rhyme or reason, we just seem to be the “right fit” for all women!

Ted: What does the average customer spend per visit to your store?

Gina: Our customers may come in for a bra and end up revamping their whole lingerie wardrobe! Or we have a young girl come in and buy one bra every so often, because they love the experience, the quality of our products and that fact that it fits well. We have women on budgets, women who like to buy and everyone in between.

Ted: Describe your customer.

Gina: We fit women from 8 to over 100, because we all need bras. Our male shoppers know they can get something wonderful and have it festively wrapped for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or even when their in the doghouse.

Ted: What else can you tell us about your business?

Gina: We support all local breast cancer awareness groups, most local schools and special needs schools. We actively participate in women’s health resource groups for 3 local hospitals, support comprehensive breast centers, and we participate in health fairs.  We have special bra presentations for local groups to educate women on breast health and proper fittings, not to mention our “Girls night out” (private bra fitting/lingerie parties). We are known for one stop shopping for all undergarment, sleepwear and lingerie needs, and for our kind, compassionate, supportive sales staff. It’s silly fun, great conversation, much laughter and a terrific refuge for all women.

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