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Since 1985, Backward Glances has always been a fun place to shop. Known for The best vintage clothing from the 40's to the 80's at the most reasonable prices, the New Jersey store includes swing, rockabilly, hippie clothes, disco clothes, new wave, punk, even vintage sunglasses, jewelry and gifts perfect for costumes parties of ever era and style. The 1,000 square foot store offers a variety of costumes, but according to store owner Cindy Ciullo, the most popular are costumes of the 70's and 80's as well as pirates. Teenagers and adults shop the costume shop for an array of looks, and can spend anywhere from $20 to $100.

"I sell vintage clothing, as well as costumes," said Ciullo. "So I have original minidresses from the 60's and 70's along with reproductions from the costume wholesalers. If someone is going to a 70's party, the woman can buy an actual disco dress and original 70's jewelry but with new sexy platform sandals, and the man might buy a white disco suit from Leg Avenue or a 1970's leisure suit."

Because of the vintage makeup of the store, Backward Glances doesn't buy costumes that tie in with the year's hot movie, but rather costumes from classic movies or TV shows from the past. Filled with wigs, shoes, jewelry and accessories, Backward Glances is a small shop that gives very personalized service, everyday all day.

Naturally Halloween is the busiest time of the year and to kick off the season, Backward Glances hosts a town street fair in September and donates a percentage of that day's sales to a New Orleans-related charity. For the event, Ciullo hires models from local modeling schools and pays them to dress up and hand out flyers. "When they are dressed in sexy costumes they command a lot of attention," says Ciullo. Backward Glances also advertises in local coupon books, as well as in local papers.

Backward Glances continues to strive to be the best costume ever and even declares its mission in its slogan: "the fun place to shop". In fact, the New Jersey store has an original 1959 working jukebox, parts of old pinball machines on the walls, and original Barbie dolls on display.

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