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Shapewear Report


Below find input from the wholesalers and retailers:


Thiago Pasos, vice president of marketing for Squeem, said that in order to experience sustained success in a competitive market like shapewear “you need to constantly think about your target market and ask yourself, is my offer still relevant? In other words, find out if your brand still connects with your audience, if your product still meets their needs, if your distribution still reaches them, etc. » Continue reading and receive more info from Squeem


Steve and Justin Chernoff of Rago Foundations described the shapewear market as becoming increasingly saturated with unstructured garments as the “buzz” around shapewear picks up. They see Rago as standing out on the marketplace with its high-quality, structured garments and 65 years of experience. To demonstrate this, the company has created the slogan “Now you need a Rago.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Rago

IC London

According to Shelly Domenech, president of IC London, an intimate apparel boutique in Charlotte, NC; “My typical shapewear customer used to be a woman who was going to a special event and needed something to wear with a dress that would dramatically alter her figure. That customer still comes in, but we are marketing some of our shapewear as ‘sleekers’ that can be incorporate into your everyday wardrobe, and these attract many customers who are looking for something nice, light and comfortable that will get rid of lumps and bumps. These sell more in S and M than they do in L and XL, and there is no typical age. » Continue reading and receive more info from IC London


According to Staci Berner, owner of Shapeez, the company sets itself apart by offering products “that are never copycats: I design products that cannot be found anywhere else. Additionally, we manufacture garments in North America with the best U.S. fabrics, lace and components. Finally, in order for shapewear to be really effective, it needs to more than just S, M and L. That’s why we manufacture our garments in nearly 40 sizes to ensure a great fit.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Shapeez


Octavio Quintana, vice president of Leonisa USA, said the company sets its shapewear—which encompasses 25 percent of its product line—apart by offering “lighter, softer and comfortable fabrics made with the latest Gen machinery.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Leonisa

Anns Bra Shop

Catherine Burns, president of Ann’s Bra Shop, a three-store intimate apparel boutique chain in Missouri, said her customers are still looking first and foremost for hold and compression in their shapewear garments. “You have your Spanx of the world, but I don’t think they hold nearly as well as the Rago styles with the zippers of the side. » Continue reading and receive more info from Anns Bra Shop


Rafael Segarra, director of special projects for Co’Coon, said the company’s expertise allows it to stand out in the competitive market. “Besides experience, quality and innovation, which is one of the strong points of the Co’Coon brand, its manufacturing started [by Fibertex] in the mid-1990’s and this is obviously an advantage, as we have pioneered this concept in the Latin American market. This is the reason Co’Coon is able to produce such a wide variety of shapers, having one of the largest shaper portfolios under one roof that can do a variety of functions for today’s women.” » Continue reading and receive more info from CoCoon

Julie France

According to Jan Swan, general manager, and Mia Holtzman, sales and marketing manager of Julie France Bodyshapers, the company sets itself apart by “having a product that is actually shapewear: that lifts, supports, controls and smooths while allowing a woman’s true shape to come through. » Continue reading and receive more info from Julie France

Rhonda Shear Intimates

According to Rhonda Shear, co-owner of Shear Enterprises, which makes intimate apparel under the Rhonda Shear Intimates label, the company stands out in the shapewear market by providing women with an assortment of control in the latest fabrications, with seasonal color options available in every shaping collection. She “takes pride in designing shapewear in flattering cuts and feminine fabrics that do the job without looking clinical or old-fashioned.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Rhonda Shear Intimates

The Pink Slip

Alexandra Gerros, store manager of The Pink Slip, an intimate apparel boutique in New York City’s Grand Central Station, said: “I think first and foremost people are looking for comfort [in their shapewear]. The second most important consideration is how well the garment functions and how well it works on their ‘problem areas.’ » Continue reading and receive more info from The Pink Slip


According to Brenda Liou, president of Dynashape Intima, the company has stayed strong in the shapewear market—which she estimates makes up about 25 percent of the company’s total merchandise offerings—by evolving with the times. “We still offer some cut and sew garments with medium and heavy control, but we also offer seamless shapwear,” she said. “There are no age limits [for shapewear anymore]. Young ladies can wear styles that are more seamless, while we still have some Missy customers interested in our cut and sew garments. [Recently], we have created some shapewear with fashion colors so the young ladies have more to choose from than just black, white and beige. Our styles are also extremely comfortable for daily wear, and offer excellent shaping.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Dynashape


According to Steven Bernstein, general manager of Anita USA, the company creates high-end shapewear because it is “complimentary to our assortment of swimwear, bras, post-mastectomy and related products.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Anita


Tziry Plotkin, director of marketing for Levante USA, which produces shapewear under the SlimMe by MeMoi line, said the company stands out in by offering wearable, affordable bodyshapers that accommodate a variety of consumers. » Continue reading and receive more info from MeMoi

Seven 'til Midnight

According to Vinh Luong, director of sales and marketing; “Carrie Amber began in 1996 with a focus on the shapewear industry, and over the years we have created many shapewear pieces for our private label clients. We saw it gaining in popularity, and felt like it was time to bring sexy shapewear to our Seven ‘til Midnight customers.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Seven 'til Midnight


Robert (Bob) Vitale, vice president of sales for Wacoal, said the company succeeds in the shapewear market as “the major distinction between Wacoal and other brands is the technological superiority of our products. We are able to work with the lightest fabrics that blend in with the body, are ultra-comfortable and still provide the necessary shaping and support. Our current anti-cellulite iPant launch is a great example of staying ahead. It has the cosmetic benefits in a shaper that women will feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis. Initial selling has been incredible!” » Continue reading and receive more info from Wacoal

Carnival Creations

According to Joey Cohen, vice president of National Mill Industry, which produces intimate apparel under the Carnival Creations label; “The best way to set yourself apart in shapewear, and in every market, is to see what is out there, and try to improve upon it. The best way to figure that out is through customer feedback.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Carnival Creations

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