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Halloween 2010 Sales Trends and Hottest Costumes

It appears that the weak economy, coupled with big-box costume stores and the popularity of the Internet, made for a disappointing Halloween for many independent retailers this season. Several stores told BODY that the market was increasingly difficult to compete in as more stores not typically known for their costume selection cashed in on the small costume store's niche. Still, select retailers reported sales growth over last year, and all were in agreement that the megastore cannot offer the kind of customer service that they can. Select vendors also chimed in on the hottest trends of the season.

Halloween Costumes 2010 Report


Below find input from the wholesalers and retailers:

Ricky’s NYC

Todd Kenig, C.E.O of New York City costume staple Ricky’s NYC, described the market this Halloween season as “very saturated. The market is very diluted right now with [everyone from the] local bodega to J&R Music World to Pay-Half stores selling Halloween,” he said. “Once these guys realize it’s real work doing Halloween and fall by the wayside I believe 2011 will be the same as 2010.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Ricky’s NYC


According to Amanda Funnell, apparel buyer for Romantix, costume sales were flat this season, but “apparel sales were up overall.” Best-selling brands were Dreamgirl and Seven ‘til Midnight, as well as Be Wicked, which the retailer picked up this year. “We did notice that all three companies carried several styles in plus sizes, which is huge when making our buying decisions,” Funnell said. “We carried [many of] the same brands, but very different styles. Our focus was on sexy costumes that can be worn all year.” Once again, Funnell noted that schoolgirls, nurses and military garb were popular choices. » Continue reading and receive more info from Romantix

Deja Vu stores of Las Vegas

Megan Swartz, senior manager and buyer of the Deja Vu Adult Emporium and the Deja Vu Love Boutique stores in Las Vegas, said sales at the Love Boutique were up significantly over last year. » Continue reading and receive more info from Deja Vu stores of Las Vegas

Easley’s Fun Shop

According to Debbie Easley, president of Easley’s Fun Shop in Phoenix, Ariz., sales were down slightly this Halloween due to the poor economy, which is weak in Phoenix. “[However,] accessories were much stronger this year as a result of the economy,” she said. “People were thinking: ‘I’ve got a black dress I’ll just get the witches hat. It wasn’t about what was easiest [to put together], it was about what was the most affordable.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Easley’s Fun Shop

Halloween & More

Laura Bridges, co-owner of Halloween & More in Ashville, NC, said this Halloween season was “definitely comparable to last. There didn’t seem to be as big of a push at the end, maybe because Halloween fell on a Sunday, but it was a good season.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Halloween & More

Patti’s Party & Gift

Jimmy Yarborough, co-owner of Patti’s Party & Gift in San Angelo, Tex., described this season as slightly disappointing despite an increase in sales. “We were up 4 percent over last year, but I still feel like Halloween was a little soft this year, because with the way we put together our pricing structure, inventory and marketing I was expecting more like 15 percent.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Patti’s Party & Gift

Halloween Adventure, NYC

“Overall, considering the economy and the oversaturation, we did very well this season,” said Claudia Tublin, who runs the Halloween Adventure store in New York City’s Union Square neighborhood. “Earlier on [in the season] things were slower, but by the end we had lines down the block.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Halloween Adventure, NYC

Fantasy Costumes:

“I believe this season was better [overall] than last year,” said Tim Dennis, manager of Fantasy Costumes in Chicago. “We were up about 15 percent from last year, which I think was because people were willing to go out and do a little extra this year. We saw people throwing parties the weekend before and the weekend of.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Fantasy Costumes:

Twin Cities Magic & Costumes

Jim Berg, co-owner of Twin Cities Magic & Costumes in St. Paul, Minn., said that sales this season were “good, not great; similar to last year. “We sold fewer sexy costumes than we had expected, but the category still performed well.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Twin Cities Magic & Costumes

Erogenous Zone

Deep Sawhney, owner of The Erogenous Zone (E-Zone), a sexy store in Philadelphia, said this Halloween season was slower at his store than last season, although sales did pick up close to Halloween. “We sold accessories more than costumes, which was true last year as well,” he said. “A lot of people were putting their own costumes together.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Erogenous Zone

Seven 'til Midnight

Vinh Luong, director of sales and marketing for Carrie Amber, the parent company of Seven ‘til Midnight, said the brand experienced sales improvements this season. “Halloween was very successful for us this year,” she said. “Overall, our Internet sales were up, orders were larger than usual and we had tons of re-orders. Seven ‘til Midnight continues to grow its costume collection and I believe our increase in selection leads to more profitable sales.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Seven 'til Midnight


Sam Fard, president of Roma Costume, and Alan Breeden, sales manager for the company, said: “Fairy tales were big [this season]. Several of our American Indian styles were also surprise ‘sleepers;’ in the last month they just exploded.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Roma

Be Wicked

PJ Labib, C.E.O of Be Wicked Costumes, reported that sales were up this year from last year for the Los Angeles-based company. “This was a great year for us. Last year, stores bought more cautiously from us to test our product. With our beautiful packaging and unique offerings, they did very well, so this year they bought more and placed reorders,” he said. » Continue reading and receive more info from Be Wicked


According to Alicia Brockwell, director of marketing for Dreamgirl, sales picked up particularly late this season. “[It was] truly last-minute shopping! The Dreamgirl consumer tends to buy late in the season anyway but this year we saw a mad rush during the last week,” she said. “To help retailers that were caught off guard, we instituted discounted rush delivery, especially to the east coast. “[Overall,] our sales are up from last year by about 40 percent. Dreamgirl weathered the economic storm because of our innovations being priced at $49.99 to $54.99. The Light-Up [costumes] at $49.99 did extremely well [this season] and were perceived as a great value when compared to normal costume offerings. In addition, our Juniors line, Sugar Sugar by Dreamgirl, blew out this year and vastly improved our overall sales.” » Continue reading and receive more info from Dreamgirl

Leg Avenue

Lisa Griffin, marketing manager for Leg Avenue, named gypsies; bees; cops; sailors; and pirates as the company’s best-selling classic styles this season. In new costumes, the strongest sellers were Alice from “Alice in Wonderland;” firefighters; Snow White; Red Riding Hood; and styles based on action film “Top Gun,” which Leg Avenue has held the license for since August of 2009. » Continue reading and receive more info from Leg Avenue

Music Legs

» Continue reading and receive more info from Music Legs


If Rubie’s performance this season is any indication, licensed costumes based on pop culture were particularly popular this season. » Continue reading and receive more info from Rubie's

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