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Claire Chambers, CEO and founder of lingerie retailer Journelle, said: “Corsets and bustiers account for a very small amount of our inventory and a disproportionately big percentage of sales. “We carry corsets because our more daring customers love them, and also because we find that they are a great way to help our customer learn to mix inner and outerwear. A corset can be a great statement in the bedroom and an elegant partner to a pencil skirt.” Journelle has carried corset since its 2007 inception. Chambers called high-end corset brand Cadolle—whose corsets often fall above $600—as the most innovation brand in the market. And even during the recession, she believes a market exists for high-end styles. “There is always a market for high-end corsets and bustiers. Our average bustier retails for over $600 and we could not keep them in stock even in the peak of the recession.” However, since the economy took a downturn, the retailer has tended to place more special orders than before, as opposed to carrying a lot of inventory in stock. She called fit and fabric the most important aspects of any corset. “Corsets are such specialty pieces that the fabric and the fit are crucial. Women want luxurious materials and a fit that really does something for their figure.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2009-11-04 09:01:29

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