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Julie France

Julie France, a shapewear specialist, “has extended their plus size options for a variety of styles in 1X, 2X and 3X,” according to Mia Holtzman, the sales and marketing manager, in part, because plus size women are becoming more demanding. “Plus size women want and deserve to feel just as confident as an average sized woman. Plus size women take pride in putting forth a attractive, well put together appearance. Companies like Julie France Body Shapers fully understand this need and strive to help these women feel and look their best at all times! By starting any outfit with a shaper from Julie France, plus size women are sure to look their best.” Holtzman pointed to benefits other than physical in addressing the concerns of the plus consumer. “Yes, America may be getting larger. While both men and women do need to pay attention to their physical health, they also need to be conscious of their mental health. When a person doesn’t feel attractive or desirable, they may become depressed, insecure and in turn withdraw from society. Products like Julie France Body Shapers can help these plus size women feel better about themselves and hopefully add confidence.” A recent technological innovation at Julie France came with a new product line. “Julie France Body Shapers recently launched their newest shapewear collection, Léger. Léger is an ultralight shapewear collection made from finer, softer yarns. Léger,” she continued, “offers powerful, graduated compression technology providing maximum breathability and comfort. The Léger collection slenderizes, shapes and smooths the body without bulging on the skin or showing lines. The Léger collection is the ideal luxury foundation that will improve the fit, look and feel of clothing while offering excellent pricing and the highest quality. The top three items at the firm for the plus market include: JFL01 - Frontless Body Shaper, JFL13 - High Waist Boxer Shaper, JFL19 - High Waist Capri Shaper. The sizes for these three products range from Small to 3X. Pricing is as follows: JFL01 - Wholesale = $24.95, Retail = $56.00. JFL13 - Wholesale = $19.95, Retail = $50.00. JFL19 - Wholesale = $24.00, Retail = $62.00. “Julie France Body Shapers understands the needs of plus size women,” concluded Holtzman. “By developing a collection of compression garments inspired by dancewear, Julie France Body Shapers work with a women’s body to shape, smooth and enhance her natural features. Julie France Body Shapers can minimize up to 1 whole dress size.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2012-06-02 18:32:04

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