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At Elila, which has always been a plus size specialist, president Ellen Jacobsen acknowledged the consumers in this category are getting more demanding. “We are always working to enhance and update the Elila offering; we are going to be introducing some fashion to the line for 2013, first with a launch of a balcony bra and panty set with stretch woven satin and embroidery. Now that we have a comprehensive line of basics it’s time to add a bit of spice.” “At Elila,” she continued, “we re-evaluate the global market every six months to see where the lingerie sector is heading and why, and then develop and add new items to our line accordingly. For example, we see that the market is getting larger not only in band size but in cup size so we have taken some of the Elila top selling products and extended the cup sizes from H to K for winter 2012.” Asked about the expansion of the plus market, Jacobsen emphasized “There is a push to capitalize on the plus size consumer because she accounts for more than 50% of the market population. She is no longer fringe or niche, she is the core market. The government has been keeping track of the obesity rates across states and regions, this information not only tells us about size but also about our consumers’ health. Based on the most recent (and surprising data), Elila has decided to redesign its online platforms (social and educational) in order to support our national consumer.” Technological advances are important at Elila. “We are continuously adding innovative materials to our line, such as yarns that can regulate body temperature, but we are also looking at areas within the business to green our operation and reduce waste. For example, we keep our packaging simple; we never use hangers, print catalogs only on an as needed basis and use the internet to distribute information that was once done via the mail.” “Elila has also changed the way we categorize our products,” she continued. “We’ve implemented a support scale 1 – 4 (light, medium, firm, extra firm) as well as breaking down the definition of fit to also include coverage, support and what occasion the garment is designed for. This information helps the retailer educate the consumer in order for the consumer to make the best decision based on her real needs.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2012-06-02 18:32:28

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