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According to Ann-Marie Holman, brand manager of The Stockroom; “We offer corsets because they are a beautiful and classic fetish toy and tool with widespread appeal […] corsets can be considered one of the classic fetish tools because they can act as a focal point for sexuality and sexual expression. It’s this aspect of corsets that makes them such a great fit for The Stockroom, since the primary focus of our business has always been the making and selling of the highest-quality fetish gear.” Holman named “[never compromising] on quality in our materials, in our construction or in our customer service,” as keys to the company’s success in the category. Fit, she said, is the most important aspect of any corset. She reported Stockroom has national and international clientele across a wide range of ages, tastes, socio-economic backgrounds, and even genders, since the company carries select corsets and waist cinchers for men. The company has offered corsets since its inception 21 years ago, and expanded the category when it acquired the 25-year-old corsetry business, Stormy Leather, two years ago. Ready-to-wear items fit waists ranging from 20 to 36 inches, and the company can custom-design to accommodate sizes outside of this range. Best-selling corsets consist of the Black Leather Locking Hasp corset, (WS $179); the Female Black Leather waist cincher, (WS $80); The Firecracker waist cincher in black patent leather with red leather straps, (WS $89); and the Lockable waist cincher belt in black, (WS $29.50). Holman sees the market as trending toward a popular interest in corsetry with the retro pin-up/burlesque movement, saying; “There is a definite preference in those circles for what the girls often refer to as ‘real’ corsets – corsets like the Stockroom’s Leather Hasp corset, that have a high-quality, hand-crafted metal-boned construction powerful enough not only to transform, but hold the wearer’s figure. “I do notice that customers are much more choosy about how they spend their money [in this economy]. They’re mostly interested in buying quality goods that will last a long time, because they can consider that money spent as an investment. So we have been fortunate to be impacted so little by the current economic climate. We’re keeping our product quality up to its usual high standard but we’re focused more on creating extremely versatile pieces that give the customer great value for their money.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2009-11-04 09:01:29

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