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According to Mitch Brown, president of Kushyfoot, to succeed in the legwear industry a company must pay close attention to consumer trends and create product that "helps make the consumer's life better in some way. Fresh product that is solution- and comfort-based is important today, all at a fair value. "Legwear has once again earned its right to become an accessory and I believe it remains that way for the trend-setters and other consumers. I do see trousers and long skirts coming back in style, which could negatively impact the upward trend in tights, but will improve the trend in trouser and knee high socks. Sheer hosiery struggles to find a new consumer who enjoys the look and feel of the product. We know we have to give her other options like textured sheer hosiery, shapers, thigh highs and knee highs to fill her needs."

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2009-10-01 09:01:29

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