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"Eurotique carries legwear as they are accessories that finish an outfit," explained company president Chrissy Greico. "Legwear is a great up-sell item, as well as a necessary item, so it sells well [in the store]. Women are tired of going to the mainstream stores and finding a limited selection of legwear available to them. Items such as fence net stockings have crossed over into the mainstream acceptability, but are not widely available yet, so they are easy sales." Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier are great and welcome additions to the [legwear] market. Ed Hardy has become a household name and the tattoo-look is accepted by women of many ages. "More color and varied fabrics are fantastic new trends. Today's buyer is looking to add fun, happy, inexpensive accessories to her wardrobe, and the new legwear styles are meeting those needs." What's a trend heading out the door? One-size-fits-all styles she said. The poor economy has actually been good news for the legwear market in many ways, according to Greico. "Due to economic trends, Eurotique stocks more legwear then previously. New colorful legwear gives the customer a happier sense of self and style without spending much money," she said.

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2009-10-01 09:01:29

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