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todd and terry

John Ioannou and Greg Shand, co-owners of Australian men’s underwear brand Todd and Terry, think “there will always be those who will pay whatever the price is to get what they want and when they want it, and those who buy on price only. Today’s shoppers are more astute and shopping savvy. For most people, the bottom line is value for money.” Their advice for those looking to make a profit in men’s intimates is “provide a unique selling proposition, be it in what you sell or how you sell it, market aggressively, [and] control costs.” The two entered the men’s intimates market with their own unique proposition; “offering a creative alternative to what we saw as a slightly conservative and staid offering. We were confident that the market was ready for something strong and individual. “[Our niche is] definitely our unique designs and use of color. We want to fill the void in a market that already offers stripes, plains, novelty or kitsch. Each Todd and Terry design is a hand-drawn original with special attention to our unique blend of colors.” In terms of trends, they see the market as moving far away from “big white skivvies that your father wore where the front trap door was actually functional and the elastic always broke.” They see their printed designs and colors as catching on. “More and more sales are moving from solids to printed designs with shoppers buying the same design in one of the multiple colors we offer.”

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2010-03-24 10:51:56

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