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Patty Gatto, national sales manager of Delicious, a division of Rubie’s Costume Company, reported that the brand “is expanding on what we did in 2010. The main premise of Delicious is innovation: we design based on apparel trends generated out of New York: the hub of fashion trends in the U.S. and even the world. “[This year] we are focused on making continuous improvements in both fit and quality. We spent a lot of 2010 reviewing the existing line and making improvements in the fit to accommodate a wider variety of consumers. The response has been tremendous when we previewed it with major clients.” Gatto promised that the line will be “significantly larger than last year’s. We will probably increase by about 50 new costumes [across the licensed Playboy and the Delicious line] in almost every category.” And while the line remains sexy, Gatto has steered it away from the fully exposed midriffs seen in the brand’s introductory line launched in 2009. “We’re still doing a lot of two pieces, but we made it so that the skirt can be worn higher or lower [with the option of exposing] just a hint of midriff, since this is an area that many women of all sizes feel uncomfortable exposing. We do have exposed shoulders and backs, short skirts and off-the-shoulder designs.” The line’s wholesale prices range from the high-20’s to the 30’s, with select pieces, particular under the Playboy license, that are slightly higher. “The one thing we keep hearing is that the market is saturated with the same old thing. I think you can justify a slightly higher price point for a truly unique costume. We position ourselves as a boutique brand with better fabrics, lots of details and eye-catching designs that offer the consumer something different,” Gatto said.

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written by Amanda Torres Price published 2011-01-06 17:59:22

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