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  • Nick Monjo

First Day Results: People Want To Shop

Discount Fashion Warehouse, which operate nine outlet stores across Ohio, reported a dramatic return to business on Tuesday, May 12, the first day it was allowed by the state to reopen its stores

“Our sales were big, much better than expected, for sure. And our comps were better than last year. Not bad for Tuesday!” declared Jeff Bradshaw, who owns the chain with partner Mark Laufersweiler. “Of course we opened with several changes. Customer distancing, gloves, masks, hand sanitizers. But the actual results were impressive despite all the restrictions.”

The retail executive added, “We had heard from smaller chains in some early open states that results were good. We clearly saw an uptick in social media inquiries, “Will you be open on the first day” and such. So we had reason to think people were ready to get back to shopping. When people came in, we got a lot of compliments about store cleanliness and organization. Customers seemed to realize the additional challenge and appreciated the efforts of our store staff. We are extremely appreciative of our staff for all of their efforts,” he added. “If you’re an open retailer, you’re on “the front lines” now!”

Discount Fashion Warehouse, offers a variety of apparel, including a significant portion of intimate apparel.

“We think we’ll ride out the balance of Q2, and see the second half of the year really kick in. That said, we are cautious, and diligent.”

Finding enough employees will be an issue going forward. “Labor at the stores and warehouse is a concern. It’s not that people don’t want to work, but there is home schooling, at least for a while longer, then day care concerns into the summer. Schools and day care – not open yet in Ohio!”

“It is clear that consumers really want to shop after a long stay at home,” Bradshaw emphasized. His results, along with other similar reports from around the country, stand in clear opposition to those who have predicted that shoppers will be very slow to return to stores.

“A girl’s gotta shop and shopping is therapy!” he concluded. Contact the company at (614) 733-3802. — NM


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