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StarlineLA: Sexy Costumes 2024

Updated: Apr 26

Tuxedo Bunny, Chained Cadet, Devil’s Play and Varsity Vixen bedroom costumes from StarlineLA.

StarlineLA offer sexy costumes for both inside and outside the bedroom, and represents a growing presence in the market. In this interview, BODY discussed the 2024 collection with a brand spokesperson.

BODY: How many Halloween costumes styles does StarlineLA have this season?

StarlineLA: The brand has established itself as a fashion-forward and luxe Halloween costume brand over the past few years, specifically in the sexy sector of the industry. Our Texas-based company has hundreds of unique and cutting-edge costumes in its catalog and is introducing about 30 new styles for Halloween 2024!! In addition, its sister brand, Party King has over 40 brand new Halloween costumes, bringing our total Halloween catalog to over 300 pages!

BODY: And how many bedroom costumes?

StarlineLA: We have 8 brand-new fantasy bedroom costumes for Spring 2024. They are a great addition to our existing catalog of about 100 styles offered throughout the year: ranging from lingerie to bedroom costumes to great basics. About half of our lingerie catalog is bedroom costumes!

BODY: What sets StarlineLA apart in the segment of bedroom costumes; what makes you different from other brands?

StarlineLA: From sketch to reality, our in-house designers bring these captivating ensembles to life, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to ignite your imagination.  From playful role-play scenarios to daring fantasy adventures, our designers infuse each creation with a touch of magic, making our bedroom costumes truly one-of-a-kind.

BODY: How does StarlineLA provide the consumer more of a bedroom costume role play/fantasy experience?

StarlineLA: Our collection stands out from the crowd, offering a unique blend of style, quality, and fantasy that will captivate customers and keep them coming back for more. With our exclusive designs and attention-grabbing aesthetics, retailers can attract a diverse clientele seeking adventurous and unforgettable experiences in the bedroom.

BODY: What is the retail price range for StarlineLA bedroom costumes?

StarlineLA: StarlineLA’s bedroom costumes usually range from $30-50 retail. We include lots of pieces and details to make sure the end customer is getting plenty of fantasy for their dollar! For example, one of our best-selling bedroom costumes, Varsity Vixen, is a two-piece cheerleader set that also comes with matching pom-poms!

BODY: What top bedroom costumes would you recommend to a retailer who wants to try StarlineLA bedroom costumes for the first time?

StarlineLA: Our bedroom costume range boasts an enticing variety guaranteed to spice up any intimate encounter.  Featuring a tantalizing array of options including playful bunnies, sexy cheerleaders, iconic characters, sultry career-inspired looks, irresistible cowgirls, seductive maids, and so much more. Here’s a peak at some of our top styles!

B7006 – Varsity Vixen

B2001 – Tuxedo Bunny

FR6186 – Disco Kitty

B9004 – Devil’s Play

FR8145 – Chained Cadet

B2501 – Officer Naughty


BODY: What else would you like to add about the bedroom costumes?

StarlineLA: In addition to fun styles and silhouettes, exceptional details complete these bedroom costumes and set them apart from anything you’ve seen! From delicate little lace-ups to fetishy chain features, it is clear that StarlineLA’s designers have prioritized fascinating and quality details in its 2024 bedroom costume collection. Both in and outside of the bedroom, StarlineLA dominates sexy costumes! 

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