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A large selection of BODY Magazine covers for different months is displayed here.

BODY Magazine

BODY Magazine is the intimate apparel trade magazine of the U.S. and Canada. It is mailed and emailed each month to intimate apparel RETAILERS nationwide, as well as a smaller number of lingerie and bodywear wholesalers and industry executives. It is available as a free news site.


BODY covers all categories of intimate apparel, including lingerie, shapewear, activewear, swimwear, bodywear, hosiery, mastectomy intimates, nursing, maternity, exercise, costumes, yoga and others.


BODY reports on all types of intimate apparel from conservative to sexy, expensive to off-price. "We take it as our responsibility to provide the leaders of this industry with ALL the intelligence necessary to make informed decisions in the ongoing battle that is today's apparel business," declares editor-in-chief Nick Monjo.


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