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Babydolls Now Popular For Ann Nahari Factory

As stores re-open and consumer demand builds across the country, “we have seen a very large increase in domestic private label business,” declared Sumiyyah Rasheed of Ann Nahari. The firm operates a production facility in Georgia.

“The easiest way into the private label business is to look at our current production line up and pick out 50 assorted styles from the products we are currently manufacturing,” explained Rasheed. “We have our own house brand, Ann Nahari, that can be purchased in smaller quantities for retailers/wholesalers that wish to order less than 50 pieces. We do not sell this brand to online retailers and reserve this line exclusively for brick and mortar stores. Retailers do not need consumers price checking online. We are a true manufacturer of product and know our place in the industry. We do not compete with our customers by selling against them online.”

Customers can also provide products of their own design. “This is a more complicated path into the private label business. We offer both options but advise retail clients to start out by running from the current line up. These products have already been sized, tested, and sold all over the United States.”

As to fabrics, “we currently offer several variations to clients without having to go outside of our factory and purchase additional fabrics and components. We continue to offer these options to clients depending on what fabrications we are running. For example, we are currently offering an additional powder blue color to clients. If the customer requires something special they can purchase the fabrication and send it to our facility.”

The company is currently producing several popular babydoll styles. “All our babydolls are a true U.S. sizing and can cover up to a 38”-42” backs, running different styles up to 4X and 5X.” Rasheed described the collection, listing the wholesale prices:

1) Princessa - Off Shoulder Baby Doll; $18.50; 1x-5x; black, white and rose; no bra insert.

2) Satin and Lace; $23.00; 1X-4X; black only; no bra insert.

3) Bridal Babydoll; $27.00; white only; 1X-4X; fits from DDD to maybe a G; no bra insert.

4) Mesh Baby Doll; $25.00; black only; 1X-5X; comes with bra insert. Cup can fit from DD; special order E, F, and G cups; 42-46 back with private label.

5) Passion - $27.00; original style; comes with bra insert; cup can fit from DD; can special order E, F, G, H cups; 38-44 back with private label; powder blue, black.

6) Animal Passion - $27.00; original style with animal cups; comes with bra insert; cup can fit from DD; can special order E, F, G, H cups; 38-44 back with private label; black and brown with leopard/zebra print.

Ann Nahari has also added bras to the production line in beige and black, 38” - 44” with cups DD-K, $22-24.

Contact Sumiyyah Rasheed at (678) 200-5809, or

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