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  • Nick Monjo

Hanes Intro’s Low Cost 'PouchBoxer' Briefs

Hanes’ new briefs, right, Saxx Vibe briefs.

Hanes has just made an important move into the men’s pouch underwear space with its inexpensive Comfort Flex Fit Total Support PouchBoxer Briefs, which it is offering “with three-packs starting at $16.98.”

The move by Hanes is significant because a number of new man’s brands have launched on the basis of a variety of new pouch constructions. Often these designs sell at much higher prices than conventional styles.

One of the most successful in this category has been Saxx. An example of their boxer brief with pouch construction, the Vibe, is “made for the guy who wants to give his balls a boost,” according to the company, and currently retails on their website, in a three pack, for $85.95.

Similar to other companies in the category, Hanes said its “patent-pending pouch construction, including unique breathable mesh inserts” helps men “feel secure, separated and supported.”

Jaye Powell, vice president and general manager, men’s underwear and socks, HanesBrands explained, “We set out to redefine what it means for men to be truly comfortable and confident in their underwear and the innovative Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch boxer briefs are the result. This product will make men rethink their underwear.” The company claims its research revealed “Nearly three quarters (71%) of men reported that they had never worn boxer briefs with a pouch construction. But after wearing” their briefs, “approximately 80% of men across age ranges and sizes planned to buy the product and recommend it to a friend.”

To discuss the issue of testicle comfort, Hanes launched a video and marketing campaign starring “actor Tony Cavalero who plays the role, in their words, “of “Hans,” Hanes’ ball-ance guru,” and employs cloying phrases such as “Cradle your nethers and your life will be light as a feather” and “May your truffles never shuffle.” — NM


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