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  • Nick Monjo

Lollipetals: Purple Pansy

Lollipetals, an innovator in the category of nipple covers, has just added “a stunning new color,” Purple Pansy, according to founder Lara Colucci, who refers to herself as “head petal pusher.”

“This bold expansion reflects the brand’s commitment to empowering individuals to express their style while embracing comfort and confidence. “The pansy is a beautiful wildflower that grows in every color of the rainbow, which made it the perfect inspiration for our next Lollipetals design,” continued Colucci. “We asked our community to vote on what color we’d release first, and we plan to release more colors in this design in the Spring.”

“Nipple covers have long been a discreet and essential accessory, offering a seamless solution for a variety of wardrobe choices. Lollipetals recognizes that personal expression is key, and the introduction of these vibrant new colors provides customers with even more options to match their unique tastes and preferences.”

“The Purple Pansy is our first step in building the collection beyond our original core designs” explained Colucci, ”I was so excited to release another flower in a bold hue and the reception from our community has been amazing.”

The new Purple Pansy is carefully curated to complement a diverse range of skin tones and styles. “When someone asks about our unique designs, I explain it like this: You have bras and underwear in every shade, but at one point they were just plain white. Today there’s a different bra for every outfit. Traditional nipple covers are designed to be invisible, but Lollipetals are designed to make you feel beautiful.”

Lollipetals are available online and in specialty stores nationwide. Contact Lara Colucci directly at


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