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Costume-Purse Combinations

Updated: 3 days ago

StarlineLA and Party King costume-purse combination styles have become bestsellers because they solve an essential challenge for women everywhere according to a spokesperson for the brands.

StarlineLA & Party King: Need to carry your phone, makeup, or other essentials, but don’t want a mis-matching purse to ruin your look? Then we have you covered, and no one does it like we do!

BODY: When did you introduce the collection?

StarlineLA & Party King: Back in 2018 we launched a few costume styles that included a matching purse. For instance, our Disco Honey costume is a sparkly silver 80’s style jumpsuit that includes a matching purse shaped like a disco ball. Another one from that same initial launch is our Alluring Sea Siren Mermaid costume that includes a clutch shaped like a seashell. Six years later and both of those styles are stronger than ever!! These creative pairings not only complete your look but also add a practical twist. By having a purse that matches your costume, you can carry your phone, keys or makeup without compromising the overall look of your costume. They blend style with practicality, not only keeping you looking fabulous but also ensuring you have all your essentials at hand all while staying on theme!

BODY: How many costumes are included in this concept?

StarlineLA & Party King: We add more costume-purse combos every year and right now we have almost 30 of these styles. One of our most popular is our Bessie Cow costume, which includes a purse shaped like a milk carton. This style was so popular that a year later we introduced a Chocolate Milk Cow with a chocolate milk purse, and then this year we brought in a Strawberry Milk Cow with a strawberry milk carton purse! We also sell about seven purses on their own too! We got so many requests that people and stores wanted to buy our purses as a standalone accessory as well, so we added them to our catalogs! Including the ever-popular milk carton purses in all three flavors! 

BODY: So the reception was strong from the start?

StarlineLA & Party King: Immediately, our costumes that included purses became some of our most popular styles and many have stayed on our bestseller lists year after year. Overall, everyone we talk to loves the completeness of the costume and how much thought we have put into providing a great overall look! We have also been told by our retailers and some end-users that they actually use these purses year-round, which has been so exciting to hear! We love that our products can be included into everyday life and that consumers are getting so much value out of our products by using them year-round! It is a great selling point for retailers too!

BODY: What is the retail price range?

StarlineLA & Party King: Our costume-purse combination styles usually retail for close to $100. Although it is a bit on the higher side, it is still cheaper and simpler than if a consumer is trying to build it à la carte. We all know how frustrating it is when you end up paying almost as much for an accessory as the entire costume. It is also less work than trying to match the right look and quality between a costume and its various accessories. You don’t want to pay good money for a costume to only have your look ruined by a cheap accessory. By including the accessories, we eliminate that issue and make the all-in value much higher!! 

BODY: What are the advantages for stores carrying these styles?

StarlineLA & Party King: One of the advantages of carrying these all-inclusive styles is it has a built-in up sell. It allows stores to push for a bit of a higher price point, without having to manage accessory quantity and quality. Retailers don’t have to worry about carrying matching accessories and nailing down the exact quantity to carry, which simplifies inventory! Instead of having to manage your ratio between mermaid costumes to seashell purses, it is all included in one package, which makes it easier to have an even stock and avoid dead inventory. Additionally, it is a one item sale at a higher price point, so you don’t have to worry about getting customers to buy a costume, plus a purse. We all know up selling and bundling can sometimes be a challenge, and this collection all but eliminates this problem!  Having a single transaction with accessories that match in both look and quality is advantageous for both stores and their customers. Join the trend and experience why our costume-purse combos are beloved by so many!

BODY: What else would you like to add about these costumes?

StarlineLA & Party King: One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing a high-quality and complete product for our customers. We love to design, manufacture and sell Halloween costumes that turn heads and push the envelope. We think carrying all-inclusive costume-purse combo styles for the last 6 years has been one of the ways we have been doing that and we’re excited to continue to do so! 

BODY: Where do you see this program going in the future? Do you have anything else exciting in the pipeline?

StarlineLA & Party King: We are planning on expanding our costume-purse collection year after year. Over the last six years, this has been a successful program, not only for us, but for our retailers as well. We are excited to introduce new styles within this collection in 2025!

And of course, we have a ton of new and exciting stuff in the pipeline for 2025!!! We can’t give anything away just yet, but keep your eye on BODY for upcoming news! 


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