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  • Nick Monjo

Delta Galil Acquiring Chantelle’s Passionata

Passionata’s Brooklyn Plunge Bra; and Only Manhattan Plunge T-Shirt Bra.

Delta Galil is acquiring Chantelle Group’s Passionata lingerie brand. The label was launched as an offshoot of parent company by Chantelle chairman Patrice Kretz in 1988.

“This is a unique and valuable addition to our global brand portfolio, as Passionata resonates so strongly with millennial women who are confident expressing their sensuality,” said Delta Galil CEO Isaac Dabah. “We have a long history of growing brands, enhancing in-store and e-commerce experiences, and reaching target audiences through effective advertising, and we’re excited to strengthen our position in women’s intimates as we accelerate Passionata’s growth across 18 different countries and all distribution channels.”

The Passionata brand will be led by Antonio Iandolo, president of Delta Textile France, the Eminence Group’s holding, and managed by an international team based in France.

The decision to sell “Passionata aligns with the Chantelle Group’s vision of strengthening and unifying its brands under the formidable Chantelle name,” said Guillaume Kretz, CEO of Chantelle Group. “Our aim is to bolster our brands collaboratively, venture into fresh markets and categories, and enchant a newer clientele. Delta Galil will reinforce Passionata’s multi category product offer, unique selling proposition and purpose by investing in marketing and elevating the brand’s e-commerce and in-store presence.”

According to the Lingerie Francaise lingerie industry association, of which Chantelle is a member, Passionata is sold by retailers in over 80 countries. There are 10 Passionata boutiques in France as well as three in Germany, one in Taipei and two in Dubaï.

The Chantelle website currently lists the following brands: Chantelle, Chantelle X, Passionata, Femilet, Livera and Darjeeling.


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