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  • Nick Monjo

Fantasy Launches New Corset Collection

Fantasy Lingerie has just introduced a new corset collection which includes “six fashion corsets and three new harnesses,” according to Tiffany Cartigiano, president.

“We were getting a lot of requests for corsets this year and felt like it was a good time to test the category. Product has arrived our warehouse and we expect to start shipping this week. We are already 80% presold with additional product in production.”

Wholesale prices range from $21 to $25.50 “for the corsets ($42-$51 MSRP) and $15-$18 for the harnesses ($30-$36),” she added. “This launch is mostly your staple black with a pop of pink. Sizes are S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Harnesses are OS.”

“Our new hanging corset collection explores a mix of elegant, edgy, and fashion forward silhouettes and fabrics. With a mix of romantic, free-spirited laces, textured mesh, PU faux leather, glitzy trims, and a pop of hot pink, there is an option for every customer. Our chain harness collection showcases a unique holographic black base with gold hardware that drapes beautifully in all the right areas. These harnesses are the perfect accessory to create, add, or complete an undeniably sexy look! (Harnesses are available in boxes).” Contact:, (360) 433-2994.— NM

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