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  • Nick Monjo

Forplay: 2nd Costume Drop

From the large assortment of Forplay costumes.

Forplay is “working on our second drop of costumes for Halloween 2024. A tactic we adopted to fill in any gaps of missed opportunities that arose since the catalog was finalized,” according to Freda Rose, the company’s national sales representative.

“Because we design Halloween a year prior, there are many pop culture events and moments or movies/tv that we didn’t foresee to be as big, that happen between seasons. So this allows us to provide the most current trends to our customers. Many new and exciting styles are available; you’ll have to head to our website to see!”

The costumes are available in a wide range of sizes, XS/S- 2/3X, with retail prices ranging from $29 to $119.

Rose added, “We’ve adopted a new sleek packaging option for our ecommerce-based customers to make shipping easier and more cost effective.” Contact: (323) 435-3358;


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