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  • Nick Monjo

Knix Expands Thigh Saver Collection

Knix has expanded its Thigh Saver collection of lightweight shorts designed to prevent chafing.

The seamless “super stretchy” garments are now “offered in a variety of fabrics, with some new leak proof and contouring options.” Additions include the 10 inch Leakproof Thigh Saver, 6 inch Leakproof Contour Thigh Saver and the new Luxe Modal Thigh Saver 6 inch. Sister brand, Kt by Knix, has also added the “5 inch Leakproof Thigh Saver. All adsorb “about 3 tsp of liquid” according to Knix.

“These lightweight shorts provide chafe-preventing coverage from the upper thigh, and down to the mid thigh depending on your desired length. These thigh chafe preventing shorts act as a skin barrier to prevent inner-thigh chafing.”

The new Thigh Savers “retail between $36 US/ $40 CAD and  $46 US/ $50 CAD.”


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