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  • Nick Monjo

New Bestsellers From Corin

The Twiggy Collection from Corin.

Corin, the Polish bra brand distributed here by Valens Lingerie, revealed the best selling styles from the new collections.

“The Gisele and Twiggy lines continue to receive excellent response,” according to a spokesperson, “with buyers returning to purchase additional basic colors. Twiggy color Beige is now offered in Corin’s  basic collection, available without pre-orders. Additionally, Twiggy color black will available without pre-order in January of 2025.” 

“For the Autumn-Winter season 2024, Corin’s highest volume frame continues to be  Virginia 17871, available in color  Anthracite, the alternative to black. Another new winner,” the spokesperson continued, “is Sophie 17731, the sister of  Virginia 17871. It is a 3-D spacer based on the same construction, and delivering a perfect bra fit. The Sophie 17731 bra has the option of fastening the J-hook straps. It is a special system of fastening bra straps with a hook that is not visible from under the clothes, does not irritate the body and is otherwise imperceptible. Connecting the straps with a hook is possible at different back heights because the system has the form of an adjuster with a hook. The hook position can be adjusted to suit your needs. This solution makes Sophie 17731 an ideal model for women with sloping shoulders. Tightened straps eliminate slipping and falling. Additionally, this model will work well with T-shirts or boxer dresses.”

In other company news, Corin celebrated charity events in early June, the “Corin Onko Run” and “Healthy Family Picnic.” Organized with the Zdrowy Bust Foundation and the Wszystko Gra - Pabianice Association, the events are aimed at building awareness of cancer prevention, mainly breast diseases, and promoting a healthy lifestyle and proper health attitudes.

This year’s event in the City Park in Pabianice, focused on providing information about Rett Syndrome, a genetic disease, as well as supporting three and a half year old Martynka, a girl from Pabianice, who suffers from the condition and is receiving medical treatment outside of Poland. Valens Lingerie is the U.S. distributor for the brand;; (610) 400-8460, attention Thomas Dorsey.


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