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  • Nick Monjo

NuBra Accessory Bra Straps: A Renaissance

“NuBra adhesive bras are undergoing a renaissance, as more and more consumers become aware of the many ways they can wear our extended collection of accessory bra straps,” explained the company’s Daren Peng.

“NuBra was the inventor of adhesive bras over two decades ago, but our accessory straps — which clip in to any NuBra adhesive bra, and only work with NuBra — have created a whole new customer base for NuBra. The straps provide several additional methods of support. And that means even more ways to look better, more fashion challenges you can solve.”

“This is a trend that retailers should take note of,” he emphasized. “It means more sales. And it is a clear reason to buy NuBra adhesive bras instead of brand X.”

For example: “Our Clear Lift Adhesive Straps (#A101), which are designed to work exclusively with the Clear Lift Bra (which comes in sizes B through G), as well as the size F and G Feather-Lite bras. They provide extra support for these traditional adhesive bras,” said Peng. “The cups clip together at the center, as usual. Then the strap’s hook slides into the top loop of each bra cup, and then the adhesive end of each strap is attached by adhesive to the wearer’s shoulders. This provides great cleavage and extra support for heavy breasts.”

“Our inexpensive, non-adhesive Nu Halter Straps (#A103) allow a woman to take advantage of the lift and support of an adhesive NuBra under an open top that plunges all the way to her waist. Instead of clipping together the two adhesive cups at the center, the user swaps the bra cups (left to right, right to left) and then each cup is placed on the breast with the clips facing up. Then the strap is snapped to each bra clip, and worn around the neck. The effect is like wearing a halter bra that is open at the center. We call this the ‘Swap & Snap’ technique.”

“Yet another option is our Nu Lift Straps (item #A102). This item connects to NuBra adhesive bras the same way as the Nu Halter Straps (item # A103) except that the Nu Lift Straps are adhesive straps instead of a halter strap.

A final accessory designed to work with NuBras with clear center clasps is the inexpensive Nu Clip (#N110, sold two per pack). “This attaches in between the two cups, and provides some extra room at the center of the bra. It is the perfect solution for a band size of 36 or higher.”

The addition of the straps and clips to the NuBra collection has surpassed company expectations. “Stores that sell these accessories and show their customers how to use them, not only add a new revenue stream to their business, but also increase the value and usage of the NuBra products a customer already owns. Customers appreciate that. And it encourages them to think of new ways to wear NuBra, and reminds them of all the challenging outfits they can now wear. It is a win win proposition for the retailer and the consumer,” concluded Peng.


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