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  • Nick Monjo

NuBra Adhesive Bras Still Made In The U.S.

Three years ago we wrote about NuBra’s decision, when it began manufacturing its patented bras over two decades ago, to make them in the U.S. In this follow up interview, BODY publisher Nick Monjo talks with the firm’s Daren Peng, about the company’s bras and its American manufacturing facility in California.

MONJO: Since we did that article three years ago what’s changed?

PENG: Despite the higher cost of doing business, we maintain the belief that having NuBra made in the U.S. does not only to ensure the high quality of products, but also to keeps jobs domestic and has a positive impact on our local communities.

MONJO: Is American made more important than three years ago? Are more stores asking for that?

PENG: Several consumer/fashion editorials and reviews consistently rank NuBra among the top choices year after year. Domestic U.S. and overseas retailers and consumers believe in high quality adhesive bras and do prefer the American made NuBra because it is a name they have known and trusted for many years.

MONJO: What new products have been added in recent years?

PENG: We introduced Nu Cami, a self-adhesive bra with interchangeable lace in late 2020. Also a collection of seamless panties in Bikini, Tanga, and Hipster Brief styles was introduced in Spring, 2021. And a new color of Mocha was added to both the small and large sizes of NuBra Pasties in Spring, 2022.

MONJO: We were in the midst of Covid when we last wrote about the U.S. factory. What were the lessons of Covid?

PENG: Although the daily quantity shipped out of our warehouse was significantly reduced during the peak of COVID-19, our internal operation was never interrupted with just a skeleton crew. Our production was quickly resumed after the local stay-at-home order was lifted. As a whole, we did not have to rely so much on overseas resources or deal with shipping constraints throughout the entire pandemic period. What we learned during COVID-19 was that the great relationship we have with our local suppliers and the most important of all, our employees who stayed loyal to us through the tough times, paid off.

MONJO: What else would you like to say about your U.S. production facility?

PENG: We continue to invest in new production equipment, improve materials as well as processes in order to increase productivity so that we have room to grow and offer new products to our customers.

MONJO: NuBra won some original patents for adhesive bras. Can you provide a little history?

PENG: Our company originally manufactured silicone breast forms for post mastectomy patients. That branched out into making silicone breast enhancers that could be worn with traditional bras, until eventually, the idea came up to simply try making the breast forms themselves the bra! That idea is what became the Original Silicone NuBra, which we then patented. Since it was essentially an entirely new concept, there really was nothing else like it at the time.

MONJO: When did NuBra begin producing its bras in the United States?

PENG: We started producing for the market in 2002 and have continued ever since.

MONJO: Can you describe the process of production. I believe you source the components from different suppliers and then produce the bras in California. Can you elaborate?

PENG: That’s right. And we are quite selective in doing so to ensure our products meet our high standard for quality and safety. We source our raw materials mostly from the U.S., with the exception of our center clasps from Europe and our fabrics from Asia. Our adhesives are sourced 100% in the U.S., and mixed in-house here in California.

MONJO: What about the production facility. Can you share some details about the factory, the employees?

PENG: Our factory, offices, and warehouses are located in sunny southern California. Our employees, many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years, enjoy working in a multicultural, family-like environment.


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