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  • Nick Monjo

NuBra Beach Enhancers Designed For Swimwear

“A great way for retailers to build sales during the summer months is with adhesive NuBra Beach Enhancers, silicone inserts specifically designed to be worn under swimsuits, both in and out of the water” explained the company’s Daren Peng.

As a leader in the field of adhesive bras since launching in 2002, NuBra has introduced a wide range of patented styles over the years. The first Beach Enhancer, the Beach Triangle, debuted in 2007. The company added a new shape, the Beach Oval, in 2014.

“Both styles come in one size and color, Pale Peach,” explained Ashley Tapia, from the NuBra customer service team. “Beach Triangles add approximately half a cup to your cup size. Beach Ovals add approximately one cup to your cup size. They are made from the highest quality silicone with the adhesive side designed to stick only to your skin.”

“The two different shapes allow for discreet coverage depending on the style of swimwear and considering the breast size. For example, sometimes bikini tops aren’t the classic triangle shape but a band that wraps around the chest. For smaller chests, the band might have less coverage. In this case, the Beach Ovals would be ideal as the Beach Triangle are .25” taller and could possibly peek out of the top. Another example might be a halter style bikini top. The Beach Triangle’s bottom corners could potentially peek out of the sides, being ¾” wider than the Beach Ovals on either side. The Beach Ovals would be a better fit because of their rounded bottom.”

Other factors in deciding which Enhancer to choose are these: “The Beach Triangle silicone is evenly distributed throughout the triangle, which works best for all sizes. The Beach Ovals are teardrop shaped, being bottom heavy and thinner towards the top. This style works better for smaller breasts such as A and B cups.”

Some final advice from Tapia: “Always remember to make sure your skin is dry and free of any lotions, moisturizers, perfumes, sunscreen, and any other oils or powders to ensure the most secure fit. Our bras stay on just fine even while working up a sweat or being worn in the water, but do avoid any diving or other harsh activity. In addition, if it feels like they are slipping, do not take them off to reposition. If there is any moisture on the bra cup they won’t stick very well until they have a chance to dry out. Instead you can simply press them firmly against your skin without removing them.”


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